It’s been a crazy Comicon and I have much to update you on.  But just got back from a day of meetings, two Stargate events, and a late dinner with Akemi, Jewel Staite, Paul McGillion, and Gary Jones.  For now, here is one of the scenes we read at today’s panel – a scene I wrote, not for the Stargate: Extinction movie, but as a What If? we had gotten that sixth season pick-up and certain elements had fallen into place…


Sheppard leads the team (McKay, Ronon, Teyla, and Beckett) down the darkened corridor, their flashlights offering fitful illumination to their seemingly long-abandoned – though no less eerie – surroundings. McKay consults a handheld device that emits a sustained HUM.

BECKETT: How many of these locations were on that list?

SHEPHERD: This is eight of twelve.

TEYLA: The Asurans may be long gone, buttheir technology still exists. It’s just a matter of locating their assets.

RONON: Who wants to bet we come up empty again?

Suddenly, McKay brightens at the sound of a sustained LOW WHINE emitted from his device.

MCKAY: Sustained energy signature dead ahead.

They press forward, weapons at the ready and –


Enter a long-abandoned lab: unfamothable equipment, an Asuran data hub, and, tucked away at the opposite side of the room, an upright stasis chamber, its surface opaque and impenetrable.

MCKAY: Well this looks promising…and spooky.

He walks over the the data hub and it comes to life on his approach. As he surveys the data –

SHEPHERD: What’ve you got?

MCKAY: Not sure. Data related to some sort of extended experimentation… (reading)

Original test subject. Neural imprint. Duplicate construct.

SHEPHERD: Just don’t touch anything.

Suddenly, the pod lights up with a HUM.

SHEPHERD: Rodney, what did I just say?

MCKAY: It’s wasn’t me! (beat) Probably.

Sheppard, Teyla and Beckett, closest to the pod, advance as its shielding slides away and the amniotic steam releases.

ON our shocked trio.

TEYLA: How is this possible?


Elizabeth Weir lying in stasis.

SHEPPARD: Elizabeth?

Her eyes flicker open. It takes her a few seconds to orient herself, recognize the people standing in front of her.

WEIR: John? Teyla? Carson – how are you alive?

BECKETT: I was going to ask you the same thing.

Off their shocked expressions –



KELLER (O.S.): So I’ve completed a full diagnostic twice over.


Keller informs Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Beckett – and an equally astonished Elizabeth lying in an infirmary bed.

KELLER: The tests confirm it. She’s Elizabeth Weir. Flesh and blood and nanite free.

MCKAY:  But – Oberoth said she was dead.

SHEPHERDSo a human form replicator who tried to destroy Atlantis – AND a liar.

KELLER (to Elizabeth): Elizabeth, what do you remember?

WEIR: I remember buying you all time to escape, being captured and then…nothing.

(beat) How long have I been gone?

MCKAY: A while.

WEIR: Rodney. How many years?

MCKAY: Well – Supernatural is still airing new episodes.

WEIR: So I couldn’t have been gone THAT long.

The others exchange surreptitious looks. At which point Woolsey enters the room

WOOLSEY: Elizabeth. It’s good to see you.

WEIR: Thank you, Richard. And thank you for taking care of my people.

WOOLSEY: It was an honor(beat) Now, if there’s anything I can do for you, anything you need –

WEIR: Lunch – and a new wardrobe.

WOOLSEY:  Of course.

WEIR: And I’m going to need my office back.

Beat. They all swing their looks his way.

WOOLSEY: Well – this is awkward.

And off an awkward Woolsey…

9 thoughts on “July 18, 2019: San Diego Comicon!

  1. Now I desperately want to read more! And more than that, see more! Oh what might have been, but I’m never giving up that some day we may see some kind of continuation of that story on screen.

    Hope all is going great at SDCC!

  2. Oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow!!!

    Man, in some alternate timeline, Stargate fans got the treat of their lives. Just reading the script comes pretty close though.

  3. This would’ve been an awesome scene to actually see. Heck, it could still be done today – Supernatural is still airing new episodes! (But hurry!!)

  4. The return of Elizabeth Weir!!! Yay! Would have been a great scene if it were picked up and aired!
    (Hopefully you and Akemi have some time to explore around SDCC or SD a bit more today.)

  5. I would’ve loved to have seen this in a sixth SGA season! Too bad TPTB cancelled SGA. 🙁

    As for SDCC, I had to miss the live stream (work and house/moving issues got it the way). How did everything go on the panel? I am hoping for a cliff-notes version for those of us in the time-challenged category… 😉

  6. So much more story to tell…… These shows must come back, these stories must be told.

  7. That was seriously awesome! Just whets my appetite for more – much more! I miss these characters deeply. Thanks for sharing with us.

    When and how can we view live stream of the table read, etc?

  8. Season Six should begin now with that scene. A significant amount of time has passed. Use as many of the original cast as possible! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I’m in complete agreement. I want SGA to at a minimum have its Season 6, but we should have more. There are endless Atlantis stories still to be told. I want Todd and the rest of our Wraith back along with McKay, Sheppard, Teyla and the rest of the cast. I’m sure we have a tremendous fan base just waiting. We’ve been more than patient. PLEASE give us our Atlantis!

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