Well look who’s back in town shooting something…


With Special Guest Star Jodelle Ferland.

Double Dessert Day!

Social Media Influencers

The Dynamic Dining Duo.

It’s nice seeing the old crew!


9 thoughts on “July 9, 2019: With Special Guest Star Jodelle Ferland!

  1. Sounds like a cool visit! Jodelle always seems like she would be super nice.

  2. My best to her!

    BTW, I won’t travel to TO this summer as previously hoped. Medical issues must be dealt with.

  3. Lovely to see Jodelle & Akemi together.
    2 beautiful smiles that always brighten a room. 🙂
    Seems Jodelle has even managed to charm moody Suji. xo

  4. “Nostalgic” is not a word I expected to use in 2019 regarding Dark Matter, but that is exactly how I’m feeling. It’s good to see your extended family still stays in touch.

  5. That looks like it was a fun visit. Suji looks like she’s fallen in love 🥰 and please tell me one of those 3 drinks is a mojito.. 😉

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