Are you all taking the summer off?

Okay, one more time.  Name the episode…

VFX Animations – Stargate: Atlantis: “Rising I and II”

Puddle Jumper Surprise

Puddle Jumper is a go!  First shot

Puddle Jumper is a go!  Second shot

Puddle Jumper exits the space gate.

Hive ship reveal.

If I don’t hear from you after this one, I’m sending the police by your homes for a welfare check.

43 thoughts on “July 2, 2019: Hey! What happened to all the Stargate fans?

  1. Ok, ok, ok geez… We are here… I know that I have been really busy, but that does not prevent me from enjoying all of your daily posts (even the double day) [;o) Please dont stop because some of us really appreciate it! (that and suji sundays of course)

  2. So sorry Joe. No welfare check needed.

    Yes, I am very much a Stargate fan, but was never good at remembering episode titles. I do have all of the DVD’s and enjoy watching them.

  3. Hahaha you don’t have to call the police, some of us are still alive and kicking 😂

  4. Uh, the only thing that comes to mind right off is “Adrift”, as the city shuts down to save power. It’s been a while though, so I could be wrong.

    Edit: Also, I just went back and checked out the clapboard, LOL.

    Love those animations!

  5. No way, am I taking time off from Stargate. It’s a go to series for me just as StarTrek is. There’s no need to search amidst shows for one to watch. It’s kinda like a blankie for comfort. My comfort zone on tv 😊

  6. I really suck at memory games these days. Albeit, if you Really. Reaaaallllly. Seriously. Absolutely. Positively. need “EVERYONE” to play ……………

    I’ll guess Its from “Ghost in The Machine”???

    BTW: In defense of SG fans everywhere. There was no point in more folks trying to guess the previous episode, with the creepy wraith hallucination, when you’d already announced early on, via twitter, someone guessing the correct answer on their first try.

    On a different note:

    How was your day?? Anything cool? interesting? or yummy to eat today?
    How are comic con and comic con wedding ceremony plans coming??
    Have you decided if you are going to do anything more about Lulu’s scratched eye?
    or just let it be for now??
    Find anymore cool pens to add to your new collection lately?

  7. Now hold on mister man!!! 😡 I guessed yesterday’s “Name the Episode”. Well?? What was it? Are you going to leave me hanging? Don’t make me come up there!!!! Or call the police!

  8. Ha-ha. 😀 @Gforce is right.
    The clap board gave it away at the beginning of the clip. Its episode 402.


  9. Ha ha, can’t comment on any of SG-1 or Atlantis I’m afraid, couldn’t get into them.
    Now if you post something on Stargate Universe you’ve got me, that was really amazing.

  10. Thanks for those animations and the clip. Really cool.

    Do you know what program was used to make those animations?

    It would be awesome to see extinction and revolution in that style, or any style really.

  11. We’re still here! In our camper. In Michigan. Southeast Michigan. Northwest of Detroit.

    And likely we’ll be here for the next 8 months or so (minus some moving and prep work) while we setup and wait for our new house to be built.

    By the way, I’m currently without high speed and I’m hot-spotting through my phone. But I did bring along some Stargate Blurays Discs to rewatch. I’ve finished season 10 of SG1 last week and I’m now on the first season of Atlantis, so your VFX replays are very timely! 😉

  12. Still here. But since MGM ignores the fans and doesn’t give them what they want – More Stargate – I’m not really putting that much energy into my fandom these days. Instead, I’m hatching my evil plan to become a writer. So, if you want to add something to the list of books you don’t have time to read, click my name…. (And to proof just how evil I am, there’s a #2 as well)

  13. I’m here lurking in the shadows. I couldn’t see the episode number until I put my reading glasses on, then I could tell it wasn’t Adrift.

  14. As one of the Stargate Superfans, I should hang my head for not answering the call. However…I am getting ready for San Diego Comic con! Good excuse, eh? Stargate always! 25th anniversary movie celebration is on full blast!

  15. Wait, is the new show you are working on right now named “Utopia Falls”? I just saw a mention in some previous post, but I can’t find an announcement or anything! Please enlighten me (if you have the time).

  16. Oh I was watching DM S2e3 and the new Hawaii 5-O. Noticing the difference of a good story line and well edited encapsulated episode to one that was just edited to make a short story work despite the Eye candy, not that Melissa O’Neil isn’ worthy of a look (she has me wearing our my pause button). Still waiting for her S2, the Rookie. I enjoyed the “robot” and her wry humor and quality minimalist expressions, and Jodelle who is but a kid (the writers had her growing up fast). I enjoyed Mike Dupont reoccurring from SG

  17. It’s The episode Lifeboat. Remember it well. Along with all my other personalities.

  18. Gforce guessed it. 🙂

    Are you still running full throttle there? We are too, here.

    Dr Jo’s sister, Virginia, is in the process of selling her house to my son. I hope it goes ok. She’s offering way below value so she can give him a good start. I’m humbled by her thoughtfulness. She keeps saying Dr Jo would want this. I have a feeling that Dr Jo is out exploring the universe but I’m very thankful for the gesture.

    As a side note, Dr Jo’s lawsuit against the dentist is nearing it’s conclusion. The Dentist has appealed three times, using the excuse that Dr Jo, being a dr,, should have known it was cancer. (insert rolly eye face) Understandably, he’s lost all three appeals and now it’s time to go to trial or settle. Either way, his practice will suffer/end. Virginia said there was another lawsuit brought against him too. Not surprising….

    Hope everyone has a great 4th!

  19. They’re all waiting patiently for some details on the cancelled Stargate Revolution film 😁

  20. Love all the Stargate tips and memories. On one of the HD channels, Comet, SG1 is on from 6:00-8:00 pm every weekday. I liked it better when SG1 was on from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am on monday, and then Atlantis was on from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am on Tuesday. Heavenly!!!

  21. Don’t worry about us. Here in the UK Syfy have just started showing Atlantis from episode one every night at 8pm and two episodes of SG1 are on earlier on a different channel so with three episodes per day we are doing fine.

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