Came across this little gem on one of my old hard-drives – what appears to be footage from an extended hallucinatory wraith feeding sequence.  It’s actually surprisingly disquieting.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to name the episode.

I celebrated Canada Day by completing my latest (and last?) revision on that big comic book pitch.  I’ll give it a once-over tomorrow with a set of fresh eyes, then send it off for the final stamp of approval.  Or further discussion prior to further discussion prior to further discussion before final approval.

Also this week, I’m hoping to get some feedback on the second draft of the pilot for my Untitled Awesome Project.

And, of course, I’m looking forward to four days on location shooting Utopia Falls.  Fortunately, only the final three days are outdoors.  Unfortunately, those are the only days this week in which rain is in the forecast.

Finally, about a week out from wrap, I’m looking ahead to my next big move – and have decided a little house cleaning may be in order…

7 thoughts on “July 1, 2019: Hallucinatory Wraith Feeding!

  1. Wow, that video clip is… freaky. I assume that at some point only some of it would be used? That there is no sound makes it even more disturbing, like some kind of weird Wraith found footage movie.

    Wait…what? A move is in the offing??

  2. I knew it ! Joe is part of the Illumaniti. How else can he get footage of you first meeting with your mother-in-law !? He got it from his lizard overl…..wait, this is a clip from Stargate Atlantis ?….euhm…..Never mind (….awkward….)

  3. Was it Broken Ties? I guessed that because I saw a millisecond of Ronon’s face go by. Drea said you announced the episode on Twitter but I missed that. I went back to look at your comments, but your account seems to be locked or something. I could not scan down and look at your tweets like I can everyone else.

    I bet I could guess any episode you show a little of that has Ronon in it. Just like the fans of Sheppard and McKay, Teyla, etc could probably guess any episode with a clip of one of them in it.

    Normally I can’t remember nothing except weird stuff… like if I saw you several years later, I could name all your kids and come real close to saying how old they all are now (within a year or two). I have surprised many people (and myself). Twenty years from now, I will be able to name all of your dogs. My history memory is pretty good right now, but I think in the future I’m going to get dementia like my dad has.

    Was it Broken Ties? PS: I’m glad this footage was cut. I was too… dark, too… depressing, too… much.

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