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Also – ice cream-ready!


Lulu reflects on the follies of youth.  And beef jerky treats.


Are you looking at me?  Are YOU looking at ME?


When we first adopted Suji, she wasn’t all that sure about Lulu, steering clear for the most part.  But now, whenever we come home, we find them snuggled up side by side, squeezed into one of the dog beds.

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I don’t think there are any bad pictures of either Suji or Lulu. They’re both so cute. Give them both hugs for me!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Do you think it’s a possibility that some of this new acceptance of Lulu by Suji is body temperature? I realize cats are different but I swear that’s what won Harry’s affection from our other two cats. Just saying…. wink

I finished catching up with “Dark”. The plot is so complex that I might need to make a chart to keep up with each character. I’m watching “Castle Rock” now. It has a few startling moments and definitely is full creepy.

Has anyone tried the show “Mary Kills People”? I liked it. It had a few plot twists that were interesting. Euthanasia is still taboo but after seeing what Dr Jo went through, I’m all legalizing self termination.

On to more fun topics: Is your week crazy? I hope you have great meals ahead of you.


Beautiful portrait of Lulu on Suji’s Sunday spot.


Both gals are adorable as usual. Agree with @TheOtherOne. Genuinely love this particular portrait of Lulu.
It has a certain simple sweet compelling nuance to it.
Very much worth framing and posting on the wall. xoxoxo

Happy Canada Day Weekend to everyone celebrating.
As for those of you who elected to stay home to avoid crowds and traffic …
If you like british humor and are in the mood for a respectable dose of pure silliness
binge Good Omens. I especially enjoyed Marie Ruck’s (aka Mireille Enos) performance
as one of the 4 Horsemen.
You can tell this talented beautiful lady was having waaay too much fun in this role.
Just dont expect anything deeper from the story.
It was never intended to be anything but good wholesome fun
with a small handful of delightfully memorable punchlines.

The perfect Summer Binge treat while you enjoy a pint of coffee icecream! smile


Pretty, pretty little girls you have there. Suji Sunday is one of the better days of the week!

Margaret Clayton

Such darling good girls!

I second the Good Omens suggestion. An excellent romp!


Very cute as always. I enjoy seeing how Suji and Lulu is getting on. On another note, is there any chance you can update the projects page with your latest ventures? A brief outline of each would be nice. I often get confused between your various upcoming shows. Thanks!

How Dare She Giggle Outloud!
How Dare She Giggle Outloud!

@MargaretClayton Very glad you enjoyed Good Omens! grin
I couldn’t believe how many small minded critics shot it down because they were expecting more passion from the individual performances or something more ‘original’ from the script when it was never supposed to be anything but silliness and fun! grin

Most definitely a wonderful treat for anyone seeking a light summer frolic.
grin grin grin grin grin