One of the best times I’ve ever had at a con was back in 2007(ish) when I attended SDCC for a combined Stargate SG-1/Atlantis panel that saw 5000+ fans pack the hall in support of the franchise.  Approximately eight years later, I returned for an equally great visit – this time for Dark Matter, and with Akemi.  I haven’t been back since but I’ve always had very fond memories of those days in San Diego spent meeting fans and walking the streets filled with a dizzying array of cosplayers covering everything from anime and gaming to comic books and t.v.

So, I was recently invited to attend this year’s SDCC.  By the time it rolls around, production will have wrapped on this latest show and I’ll be free and clear – outside of my post-production commitments.  I told Akemi and suggested she come along.  She was thrilled.  So thrilled, in fact, that she suggested we get married while we’re there.

I was surprised only insofar as whenever I’ve floated the idea of getting married in the past, she’d shrugged it off with the indifference one might reserve for brunch.  It’s not that she didn’t want to get married; only that she didn’t want to suffer through a big spectacle.  She hates to be the center of attention and once suggested something low-key, like a trip to city hall.

An SDCC wedding would definitely be a step up however.  Maybe at the tail-end of the panel.  I could get someone dressed as the Joker to officiate.  Then we could go top off the evening with corn tamales at the Cheesecake Factory!

Upon closer scrutiny, it may be a little more complicated than that – but the biggest obstacle to a Deadpool themed wedding, heck just the trip to SDCC, is finding a dog sitter.  Our two old gals are high maintenance.  They’re cranky, incredibly cranky, have a hard time walking, and are prone to the occasional unwitting accidents.  Suji also needs to have her bladder expressed every night.

Our regular sitter (who they stayed with the last time we went to Tokyo) is fully booked for July, so we’re in talks with another candidate.  She’s had vet tech experience, is very nice, and would actually stay at our place while we’re away.   We’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully, things work out and we can go, knowing they’re in capable hands.

OR we just skip SDCC this year.

OR we fly Lulu and Suji down and make them part of the big event.

Please suggest appropriate wedding cosplay outfits for these two…

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 8.37.28 PM.png

Batgirl and Black Canary?  Colleen Wing and Misty Knight?  Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy?

32 thoughts on “June 15, 2019: To Comic Con or Not to Comic Con!

  1. What a great idea of Akemi’s , to have a comic con wedding !
    Wish I could be there.
    Best wishes for the both of you from Down Under.

  2. Well, congratulations.

    I like the kind of dog outfits that make them look like they are walking on two legs, preferably carrying a ukulele.

  3. Oh wow! Now I wish even more I could make it down there!

    The new sitter candidate sounds ideal if it works out. I’m sure the pups will be fine. Though I expect they would be the hit of the convention if they went down there.

    Still feeling like crap here. Ugh.

  4. I think all 4 of you should cosplay as Stargate characters … … or Legion of Super Heroes … XD
    Hope everything works out in the end.

  5. Congratulations! However, I know you’ll get some good suggestions from others for Lulu and Suji.

  6. Congratulations to you both! I hope you have an awesome wedding, or a low-key one; whatever you guys decide. I know what you mean about the event itself. Before we got married, my then future wife & I agreed we wanted to be married we just didn’t want the mess of a wedding. We ended up having a quiet one & just called everyone that we wanted to attend. Then we had the reception in our apartment & finally took our honeymoon 35 years later. It was just the way we wanted it.

  7. Wait… what? I’m still on that second paragraph. Let me back up and read that again… Are you goofing around again?

  8. Wow! I guess your not pulling our leg this time. You have teased us a lot over the years. That is a great idea. Sounds like a lot of fun. Take them doggies with you. Or leave them with a trustworthy babysitter and concentrate on yourselves. Congratulations Joe and Akemi! Wow-wee!

  9. Wow. Congraulations!!! Barb and I are so happy for you both!

    I’ve been trying to envision what a SDCC wedding would look like. There’s going to be quite a kaleidoscope of characters in the wedding pictures!

    As for costumes for Lulu and Suji, how about Storm for Suji (I think a white-hair wig would sell it) and Wonder Woman for Lulu? Hmmm, I have to think more about that one.

    Congrats again, and let us know if we help in any way.

    Love to you both,

    Jeff and Barb

  10. Congrats! I hope you guys do get hitched, we need a heart warming real life story. You should bring the Suji and Lulu. You will never forgive e yourself for not sharing that moment with your fur babies. Or they might not forgive you.

  11. I can’t yet fathom this news nor accept the frustration and FOMO of not going to SDCC this year if it were to happen.
    Sounds like a very fun idea, though.

  12. That little bit of news has cheered me up this morning!
    Have fun planning your special day and congratulations!

  13. Congratulations!

    Wonder Woman and Black Widow, a bit of both universes.

    San Diego is wonderful, and why the heck eat at Cheesecake Factory? I mean, San Diego! Food! Well, you could always hop up to Vegas, get married at the JoP, and go to the Cheesecake Factory in the Forum Shops. A perfect fit there. They changed the menu, the baby beets and goat cheese salad is now beets and avocado, and the flatbread with gorgonzola and pears is no more. I am underwhelmed.

    We married in Vegas, just a simple JoP ceremony,because as sailors, we had zero idea when we could take leave and see each other again. Being married gave us a shot at a future. Those 31 years were glorious.

    I hope the dog sitter works out. As a cranky person who has problems walking at times, I understand the need for top notch help. Is expressing a doggie bladder something like playing a bagpipe?

    Our little town had its first Con last week, Ogden UnCon. Short, small, and fun, and a ton of room to excel. Some of the panels were very small, as in I was the only one to show up for the Walking Dead Zombie one. Turned into a nice chat and I won a book. No competition, LOL. Did my first celebrity photo op, no longer scared of that. They already had a presale for next year, and I picked up a three day VIP for $50. Whoot. I hope they pull it off.

  14. OMG! Congrats! Wow! Didnt see that one coming! Originally thought you would announce it while in Japan last year or perhaps on New Year Holiday 2019 at your Mom’s house in Montreal. Albeit, This is even better and sounds like a whole lot more fun! XO

    I’m thinking you two should have spiderman wrap your wrists together in spider silk at the close of the ceremony just to throw in a wee bit of extra goofy joy. Are you going to Live stream the wedding for your mom and sis on Cisco or other interactive video conferencing service? or Have them fly out to California for it? If they are going to attend in person – you might as well bring Lulu and Suji with you. As to the costumes …. Hmmmmm. It just depends on if you decide to go with a single theme (such as everything Batman) or if you decide to go with with a wider theme (such as every and any super villain/hero that ever was)? There are tons of inexpensive fur baby cosplay outfits for sale on Amazon and Etsy that you could have delivered in 1-2 days. Everything from Marvel characters to Pokemon. I’m thinking maybe Akemi can chose her favorite superhero to dress Lulu in and you pick your favorite super villain for Suji.

    No matter what you decide, I do hope someone will record and immediately youtube post the ceremony for those unable to attend so everyone can celebrate with you! 🙂 xoxoxxox

  15. Congratulations! I think the four of you should definitely wear the Stargate Wizard of Oz costumes – but who gets to be Dorothy?

  16. Aaaaawwwww take the girls with you – they’re your fur babies 🥰

  17. Oh, wow! Nice one Akemi! How brilliant is this? Congratulations to both of you. I’m so happy to read this! Wow 😃

  18. I remember so clearly walking the SDSS floor with you for a bit after the Stargate session one year… All the other fans wandered off, and I was completely freaked out to be the only one walking with you! My brush with fame 🙂

    Congrats on the potential nuptials! I think your costume has to be from anime, doesn’t it?

    At least you’ll be a VIP at SDCC, not a schlub like the rest of us who couldn’t get tickets on the good days, much less get into the big panels!

    1. Fame? Come on. It was a pleasure meeting you back then – and keeping in touch all these years.

  19. Driving from Van with the pups to SDCC would’ve been great but now that you’re Toronto based why not go for it at a Toronto con? In fact I believe it’s against the law to have Deadpool themed nuptials with Celine Dion’s Ashes as your processional outside of Canada.

    If you decide to tie the knot at Shore Leave which is having DM and SG panels I’ll be there to throw the doggie biscuits!

  20. Eek, my Spidy senses are on a 5-day delay! Congratulations, Joe and Akemi! Wow, you’re really going to do this! 😀 However it works out with doggie girls, go with it. Having it at ComicCon is genius. Akemi is awesome. Can’t wait to see what you both wear. Make sure to use a pair of those cool cufflinks from Andria. Video the ceremony for us? Thrilled for you both. What terrific news.

  21. Congrats!! I like the idea of the pups getting to attend the wedding.

    The Dark Matter panels were some of the best panels I’ve been to at SDCC and the fact that everyone stuck around to meet the fans was amazing.

  22. I am an old school fan of the fantastic 4 lulu could be “The SheThing” Suji could be “Jane-y Storm” And of course you and akemi could be Mr Fantastic & the Invisible Woman

    Yeah, that could work? That said we had 2 Sr pups for quite a while and completely understand the dilemma you face. Either way I know you will enjoy whatever option best presents itself. I have missed a few opportunities for my Sr pups when they were alive and truthfully have no regrets spending time with them while I could.

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