Today, Akemi and I checked out the Dunas West Street Festival which was, quite frankly, not quite as festive as I would have liked.  Nor as foodie.

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

Akemi is a sucker for corn on the cob.

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

While I’m more of a fried chicken sando kinda guy.

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

Akemi making new friends wherever she goes.

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

We swing by The Tempered Room where Akemi picks up a dozen chouquettes.

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

Then back to the street fest where Akemi put away this entire container of vegetarian kimbap.

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

On the way home, we stop by another new addition to Toronto’s Japanese dessert scene – Le Tao – for cheesecake…

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

And their Hokkaido milk soft serve…

June 8, 2019: Out And About!

Was hoping to get to Hattendo for a round of matcha cream buns, but – sadly – didn’t end up making it.  Still racked up a little over 20k steps today – which I’m sure more than burned off all those snacks.

So, finished Fleabag.  Finished Barry.  What’s next?  Something along those darkly humorous cable lines.

Hey, does it feel like Sunday to you?

15 thoughts on “June 8, 2019: Out and About!

  1. Weirdly, it does feel like Sunday to me. But I’ve been losing track of days a bit as I’ve been under the weather.

    Le Tao looks amazing! It sounds like you guys had quite a workout today. I don’t have suggestions on your next TV binge – I’ve been indulging in the visual comfort food of rewatching my favourite Dark Matter and ST:Discovery episodes.

    Was Barry good?

  2. Have you seen that HBO series Chernobyl? I don’t have HBO so can’t watch it, BUT, I saw a documentary on PBS a few years ago about Chernobyl and what all happened. That was the most chilling thing I’ve ever seen! Especially when they went inside the reactor. Since you’ve been watching a lot of horror lately, I highly suggest you watch the HBO series if you haven’t yet.

    1. I’m sure it’s great but looking for something a little more humorous with less dog-killing.

  3. Oops–pressed enter before I meant to. Those are some desserts. It doesn’t feel like Sunday to me, but I keep looking at my calendar thinking its weird to not have pet sitting on a weekend. Because of that today actually felt like a weekday, more like middle of the week when no one needs a pet sitter apparently. LOL. I have to ease into this getting back to work though. I don’t have my stamina back yet, nor a great deal of my strength. It is frustrating.

  4. They kill dogs in the Chernobyl movie? (I won’t watch those movies either even if the dog dies from old age.) Well forget the movie then. The documentary had no “life” in it. Everything was deserted. Inside the reactor was shocking.

  5. Try Season 5 of Black Mirror & the new movie I AM MOTHER on Netflix. NOS4A2 and Swamp Thing are good. On regular TV, Agents of SHIELD and Unidentified (History channel) on Friday nights. I download all my shows, but most of the good ones are on Netflix or Amazon. If you were here, we could sample my 50 terabyte archive of over 4000 movies and TV from 1930 to yesterday.

  6. Mmmm, snacks and dessert, it all looks so fabulous.

    Little Ogden is having its first con, the UnCon, a pop culture con. A little rough around the edges, but I’m having fun. I hope it gets off the ground and sticks around a few years.

  7. Hey, it’s Savuot for Jews… cheesecake one of the most popular items on the menu. You joined us withouth knowing. 🙂 Love akemi’s new friends. 🙂

  8. Just finished Good Omens, and am about to start Happy Season 2.

    Other than those, I’ve started a re-ripping of my Stargate DVDs. I’ve finally found software that will rip dual-audio, thus retaining the commentaries, whilst also keeping the bloomin audio in sync. (How hard is that combination to find!!?)
    “HandBrake” is free, too, which helps immensely.
    So, I’ve been re-watching intermittent episodes along the way, because… why not!??

  9. Akemi defines that french saying: “Joie de vivre”. 🙂

    That looked so fun! 20,000 steps? Very nice! The food looks very yummy. You didn’t like it?

    Yes, I did watch the documentary on Chernobyl but I’m not watching the series based on it. Animal abuse really turns me off shows. I couldn’t get past the first episode of Black Mirror because of the pig. Should i skip to the second episode? Does it get better?

    As for shows…Did you see the new Sherlock? Endeavour? Scott & Bailey? Bosch? Fortitude (Sci-fi mystery)? Inspector Lewis? The Haunting? The Frankenstein Chronicles? The Forest? Dark? Those are all good shows but not the dark humor sort.

    Justified might fill the bill. Action, drama and a bit of dark humor. The bad guy, Boyd, started out with a small part but he was so good, they made him a regular. By the end of the first season, I was routing for Boyd. The actor, Walton Goggins, is very good in everything I’ve seen him in.

    Feeling any better PbMom?

    I hope you’re feeling better soon Gforce! I’m looking forward to more of your nature shots while you’re hiking.

    You’re still in my prayers Quantum Mechanic. Have you moved from the rehab facility yet?

    Sunday for me? I did a short attempt at a run and I may catch a nap later. Easy breezy… If we go wild, we might do a Lowe’s run for a new light switch. 😉

  10. Gosh. Its been ages since I’ve been to a festival!

    Hope that abominable snowman has cooling fans to keep ’em from melting?!

    For Dark Humor: Ever see “Weeds” w/ Mary Louise Parker?
    “House Of Lies” w/ Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell and Dawn Olivieri?
    “Dexter” or “Six Feet Under” w/ Michael C Hall.?
    “Carnivale”? This one’s more dark and twisted than it is funny
    but it has its moments.

    Dark Comedies on my Summer Watch list:
    (I havent seen any of these yet).
    *Dead To Me
    *Catch 22
    *The End of the F***ing World

  11. Dark humour cable? Did you see Santa-Clarita Diet?

    Sunday was great but exhausting, I guess. Outdoor dancing is always plagued by not-so-great weather (hot this time) and leg-numbing asphalt.

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