May 31, 2019: Hattendo Is Here!  Hattendo Is Here!

As many of you blog regulars who have followed my Tokyo exploits are already aware, I am a HUGE fan of Hattendo cream buns.  They are one of the high points of my annual Japan trips – fluffy cream-filled buns available in various flavors.  ]On my last days in Tokyo, I always make it a point to swing by the Akihabara subway station so I can pick up a few for the flight home.  But, as of today, I will no longer have to go to Japan to get my Hattendo fix because they are now available here in Toronto at the Hattendo Cafe (15 Baldwin Street).

May 31, 2019: Hattendo Is Here!  Hattendo Is Here!

They had their soft opening today, so Akemi and I swung by to sample the goods.

Ah, natsukashii.  This brings me back.

May 31, 2019: Hattendo Is Here!  Hattendo Is Here!

Also available: matcha, adzuki, and custard melon pan, various coffees and lattes, and a Hattendo ramune.

May 31, 2019: Hattendo Is Here!  Hattendo Is Here!

I’m considering putting in an application for the Hattendo mascot position.  They can pay me in buns.  What do you think?

15 thoughts on “May 31, 2019: Hattendo is here! Hattendo is here!

  1. Oh my they look yum, yum, yum. And your expression! Hmmm…I wonder how many you’ve gotten, so far? The Mascot idea is a winner! Pics, please.

  2. You must be in Hattendo Cream Bun Heaven 💕 – a yummy dream come true!!!
    Aaah… nice!
    Honestly Joe, you definitely deserve it!!! 😊

    Thanks for all you do for Dark Matter fans. So much appreciated 👍

  3. What??!!! You only sample FOUR!!? I thought you would have sampled ALL!!! (I would have!)
    I’m so disappointed with you! Hahahahaha. LOL.

  4. Oh wow, those look amazing! I’ll have to stop by when I’m there next weekend! Which one(s) would you recommend?

  5. I’m glad you can get one of your favorite treats close to home! And just a little jealous. I’m lucky to have a wonderful Japanese market and bakery within an easy drive of home. Hippo House makes great breads and pastries. Their coffee pan with vanilla pastry cream is one of my favorites. They also have fruit sandwiches there.

    There is also a Mochicream shop. Have you ever tried them? Flavored mochi with different fillings and a touch of whipped cream inside. I’m a fan of the double mango.

  6. My two buddies and I are traveling to Montreal 6/6 to see a music and light show at the Basilica Notre Dame, then taking the rail to Toronto on 6/7. Hockey HOF and a Baseball game 6/8, then drive through Niagara Falls 6/9 and fly home from Buffalo.

    Evening of 6/7 is wide open if you guys are available?

  7. Are you going to have a “bun day” each week? … every Friday to celebrate the end of the week or every Sunday to celebrate Suji Sunday?

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