Continuing my dig through the archives…

Stargate: Atlantis concept art – preliminary view of the city by Production Designer James Robbins –

April 20, 2019: More From The Vault!  Stargate, Dark Matter, And Dogs!

Wraith pod jpeg…

April 20, 2019: More From The Vault!  Stargate, Dark Matter, And Dogs!

Bartol Rendulic’s concept art for the Dark Matter airlocks:

Behind the scenes on SGA: Touching up the wraith…

One of things I really loved about working on Stargate was the opportunity to tackle far-out yet theoretically sound sci-fi concepts.  Like this one from the planned Stargate: Extinction movie…

April 20, 2019: More From The Vault!  Stargate, Dark Matter, And Dogs!

And more pics of the dogs from back in the pack days: Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu:

10 thoughts on “April 20, 2019: More from the vault! Stargate, Dark Matter, and Dogs!

  1. Those concept drawings are mouth-wateringly beautiful. I wish there were ‘The Art of Stargate’ and ‘The Art of Dark Matter’ books available…
    Thank you for sharing these concepts and BTS photos.

    I’m loving the pup pix too.

  2. In the script excerpt you posted, I found a slight gaff in Kara’s dialog. “…accreting matter from it’s larger companion.” It’s a gaff I’ve been struggling with for years, but according to English instructors, you should leave out the apostrophe when using the word in the possessive. This bugs me as I feel the apostrophe should be there but it’s (haha) supposed to be its. It’s crazy, I know, but the English gods insist. Now things might be different in Canada where you say zed instead of zee, but in ‘Murica, we say zee and we use its when an it is possessing something.

  3. Monday this Stargate Atlantis all day on Comet TV. Have other shows used your space station/ship sets? In watching other shows the sets look familiar to those seen on Stargate SG1,Atlantis.

  4. So none of this is actually gonna happen… But i love the pictures of your puppies. If it ever does i know a guy and her name is…..

  5. Lookit! It’s beautiful Jelly, mama’s boy Bubba, handsome Maximus, and satellite dish ears Lulu who must of been afraid someone was going to steal her toys. Cutie pies!

  6. Seems like the star-powered power plant satellite would have to expend a lot of energy for staion-keeping.

  7. And Maximus added in this one. <3 The script looks cool and I love the concept art for Dark Matter, too. I was just watching a Hallmark movie that had Brendan Penny in it (one of the Wraiths!). Looks different without makeup on.

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