Ordinary Guy asks: “You are now showrunning the series that you are not creator of. How is that differs from “traditional” showrunning and what role creator have in that case? Who will have the last word on creative direction for the show?”

Answer: There really is no difference except for the fact that, in this case, the creator is an Executive Producer and gets a say in all aspects of the show’s development, production, and post-production.  In addition, the production company and broadcaster also have a say in the show’s creative.  This differs greatly from Dark Matter, a show I ran with little broadcaster input.

Tuptiagn asks: “What does a Gaffer door how does one become a Best Boy?”

Answer: A gaffer is the head electrician.  As for how one becomes a Best Boy – be better than anyone else.

John asks: “Could you explain sometime in the future how writers take the budget into consideration? I can see a writer with a creative imagination coming up with ideas that may be too expensive. An experienced writer may know that great battle scene with all kinds of extras involved would be too much, so they would come up with a few more intimate scenes to compensate. But a new writer wouldn’t know, of course.  Is there a “price list” so to speak?”

Answer: There is no “price list”.  With experience, writers learn how to produce on the page, meaning they write within the parameters of the show’s budget.  Individual episodes fall above or below the pattern budget (the episodic average) but things should even out in the end.  Those clip or bottle episodes are great money-savers.  And it’s no accident they tend to land in the back half of the season.  As for new writers, they should have a sense of the show’s budget going in.  In fact, I would say that, in my experience, one of the biggest deterrents to landing a staff position (besides not nailing that spec script) is pitching something completely unproducible.  Rookie mistake.

Drea asks: “Why not start a hotsauce sampling club?”

Answer: Y’know, I like this idea!

Robert asks: “Is it possible to move over to Amazon or Netflix like The Expanse?”

Answer: Theoreticaly possible, but some one would be a much easier fit than the other.

nantokanaru77 asks: “Btw, of your collection, which hot sauce is your favorite?”

Answer: At present, these are my favorites…

April 15, 2019: Answering Your Questions…

Rebecca asks: “Will you be working with Will Waring on your current project?”

Answer: Sadly, no.  Will has been busy working on It and It: Chapter Two

Shinyhula writes: “The next challenge has to be more reasonable; sour gummies? Bitter mellon?”

Answer: David Nykl, Stargate: Atlantis‘s Zelenka once gifted the writers a box of sour gummies.  They lasted four seasons.

Sparrow_hawk asks: “Any thoughts about the new live action Cowboy Bebop?”

Answer: I am impatiently waiting to find out who they cast in the role of my favorite character, Radical Edward.

April 15, 2019: Answering Your Questions…

Tam Dixon asks: “Are you bringing back the chocolate party too?”

Answer: Akemi has been asking too!

Fred asks: “Why isn’t Zelenka on the balcony at the end?
Why isn’t everyone thanking him for his Wormhole Dive solution?
Why isn’t Rodney embracing him with gratitude?”

Answer: How often have you seen Rodney embrace a fellow scientist with gratitude?  I’m sure the rest of Atlantis expressed their appreciation (in that scene that didn’t make the cut).  As for Zelenka not being on the balcony at the end – Yes, that was a mistake.


8 thoughts on “April 15, 2019: Answering your questions…

  1. Wee, mailbag! My mom made “pepper sauce” from scratch stored in little recycled liquor bottles. I need to get me some Aunt Mays pepper sauce. The Bacardi would be used to bake drunk pork chops, so tasty. Great questions and as usual so impressed by the interesting questions. For those interested in production jobs try googling your city, province or state plus “Film Office,” your local government film office will have listings of crew jobs in your area.

    The CBS (due May 1) and WB (due May 31) screenwriting workshops for new writers have deadlines looming. I was able to attend a lecture hosted by WB Writers Workshop and they were just lovely, kind people and very pro-writer.


  2. Thanks for the Q & A!

    Those hot sauces…. I don’t see how you eat them. My stomach/tongue would be burning for days. I suppose you have to train for them. 😉

    Yay Chocolate party! The food porn from that event would keep for going for weeks!

  3. Thanks for the answers; they just occurred to me after seeing D.Hewitt’s project. I will have to print out the Pic of aforementioned sauces when I go shopping. Have you ever been approached by a Comet TV or such for an interest in showing a show like Dark Matter? It seems to fit in their wheel house. I watch Stargate(1,A,U), Andromeda, Babylon 5, I don’t have a feel for the broadcast industry

  4. Well, have fun eh And dont forget to post lots of pics. 😀
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  5. Thanks for the Q&A and for answering my question! Jodelle would make an excellent Edward.

    I have such mixed feelings about live-action versions of anime, especially a classic like Cowboy Bebop. But the Sci Fi nature of the series is better suited to live action than a lot of others.

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