7 thoughts on “April 14, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. The doggie Uber looks fairly luxurious. It even comes with a snack bar!

    All that walking and looking cute is clearly tiring.

  2. Suji is a daddy’s girl! Maybe there will be a “bring your kids to work day.” XD

  3. Saw D.Hewlett’s “A Dog’s Breakfast,” made me laugh and wish for more SciFi shows. Really liked the Shipmate of Paul McGillion’s show time character. Wow, to be that close. What, was it we have a break like project?

  4. Suji all dressed up on her morning walk reminds me of Jennifer Lopez in the movie Maid in Manhattan when she “stole” that rich lady’s outfit and went for a walk with the congressman.

  5. I remember when Suji first adopted you 🙂 . She had a harder time walking then. Both of you have done wonders for Suji! I’m sure she’s made both of you better people too. 🙂

  6. So much cuteness! Lulu photobombs like a boss. I love that Suji’s bag of snacks towers above her, her formidable Bea Arthur presence makes you forget just how tiny Suji is, mighty in spirit, teeny in body. Suji wants to visit the UF set and sneak cool selfies on set.

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