I received the following email from my former writing partner last night:

“Cleaning out old boxes, I found this.  You may remember, these were the very helpful notes you took during our call with Syfy regarding the Atlantis episode “Inquisition”.  The significance of the flying frogs eludes me to this day.  Still, in many ways, it remains one of your strongest works.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 2.16.06 PM.jpeg

Wow, this takes me back.  Note the attention to detail.  The dueling insect armies. The mosaic wings.  The melancholy frogs.  I don’t remember much about that actual notes session, but it obviously went very, very long.  Still, one thing is clear.  We can pinpoint the exact point where my career peaked.  It’s been all downhill from there.

Akemi: On Game of Thrones, who’s the dragons’ mama?

Me: Daenerys Targaryen.

Akemi: If I was Naderys, I wouldn’t use my dragons to fight.  I’d open a pizza shop and just have them fire pizza.

Hey, remember Anne Devereaux?

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  1. Thousands of years from now, some archeologist will find that piece of paper and propose that it had some kind of religious or spiritual implications or significance. Possibly involving aliens.

    I like Akemi’s thinking on the dragon-fired pizza. Can you imagine how fast those would sell? And bake!

  2. I like GForce’s thinking there. Perhaps it will be interpreted as the main battle of good and evil where we both decimated each other, thus making the human race extinct, when the actual cause will be climate change and the battle was the fight over resources.

    I would LOVE dragon-fired pizza. Extra crispy!

  3. Are you by any chance looking for tv show ideas? I have never written anything before and have no clue how ideas are turned into shows. But I have had an interesting few years that I have tried to write into a show as best I could. Would you be interested in taking a look?

  4. That’s a fantastic drawing. It definitely speaks to your level of interest in what SyFy had to say.

    I love Akemi’s idea. Let’s do that.

    And look at Will Waring running camera for 8.3 of GoT! Perhaps he can make Dragon Pizza happen?

  5. @gforce – I’ve already ask HR to tithe 50% of my salary to the Church of the Creepy Crawlies. Akemi is so right, Dany needs self-care and pizza this season, after right after she takes the throne.

  6. I’m guessing they were all fighting over the Sunflower?

    All hail the Sunflower!

  7. I wish there was some way to bring back Dark Matter. I know that won’t happen but it’s a dream of mine. I enjoy your blog.

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