Going through some old file folders and came across the awesome playback elements from back in the day…

DM313 – Aslanov Field Screen

DM313 – Ferrous Corp Lab Wall Graphics

DM313 – Ferrous Corp Shipyard Transparent Lab Monitor

DM313 – Ferrous Corps Shipyard Transparent Monitor

DM 313 – Ferrous Corp Shipyard Console

DM313 – Ferrous Corp Shipyard Store-room Inventory Screen

DM 313 – Ferrous Corp Shipyard Monitor (Aslanov Field)

DM313 – Aslanov Field Overload Initiated

10 thoughts on “April 11, 2019: Dark Matter Vault Drop! Playback!

  1. The work and detail that goes into those is amazing. It’s only a few seconds on screen but it makes such a difference in the look of the show.

  2. Help!!! My house has become enveloped by an Aslanov Field!!! I can’t remember the password to deactivate it.

  3. I just saw an ad for “A Dog’s Breakfast” w/ David Hewitt, et al. on Comet TV for this Saturday. Might interfere with my yoga session.

  4. Cool playbacks from the DM vault.

    Hey Joe, Just had a wonderful idea.
    While it appears (judging by the 3 bottles of same label contributed)
    your current co-workers arent the worldly whiskey connoisseurs you had hoped
    but do appear to be into spicy foods and hotsauces …
    Why not start a hotsauce sampling club?
    You could combine it with the whiskey club gatherings
    if that should prove more efficient than
    starting a new club space so late in the game?
    At each gathering a co-worker would contribute a hot sauce they like
    and some tortilla chips or plain crackers to dip in each hot sauce.
    You would set out up to three to sample per gathering in small bowls
    and see which one everyone dives into the most.

    You already have 20 bottles of unused or under utilized sauces at home
    to get the sampling started
    so why not contribute 10?
    I bet it would make both Akemi and your co-workers happy
    And you like bringing joy to others – so it’d be a win-win for all, eh? 🙂

  5. Oh… and to make it more fun
    you could set up a simple drawing box
    for any coworker to enter their name
    to win, in a random drawing, the remaining hot sauce collection
    at the end of Season One, production. 🙂

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