April 9, 2019: Production Day #12!

Well, check out what Andy Loew came across today.  A giant light up G.A. symbol, perfect for that Galactic Authority-themed bar I’m planning to open up.  It had been sitting in the breezeway, in the way, and I suggested they just store it in my office.  It took TWO guys to carry it upstairs!

April 9, 2019: Production Day #12!

Other awesome finds include these set dec labels I’m storying away if and when we end up doing that Dark Matter wrap-up miniseries.

Meanwhile, the set dec on this show is decidedly different than my last space-faring adventure series.

April 9, 2019: Production Day #12!

Awww.  Story Editor Sam Godfrey gifts the Whiskey Club a new bottle.

April 9, 2019: Production Day #12!

All I’ll say is – I’ve been drinking a lot of these lately.

April 9, 2019: Production Day #12!

The Brain Trust – Creator/Director/Executive Producer R.T. Thorne, Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok, Line Producer Robbie David and (not pictured) yours truly (honestly, I’m part of the team!).

So, what’s up on your end?

14 thoughts on “April 9, 2019: Production Day #12!

  1. I have some plans for googly eyes. I figure if I attach the eyes to cloth and stick the cloth to stuff, it’s not really vandalism.

  2. Hoping the weather warms up so I can begin to plant my garden, including Thai, jalapenos, and cherry peppers, so I can pickle them to save for salads and munching through next winter. Also getting excited to see your new project(s) on screen.

  3. My time alone is up. Himself returns from Toronto tomorrow. I’ll plan to fly up in summer.

  4. Getting a little misty-eyed seeing Dark Matter props and production photos. Still really hating Fysy for putting us in a darker timeline. Somewhere out there is a universe where you’re sharing Dark Matter season 5 production photos & we’re vibrating excitedly to see just how our family fare in the end.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled scotch…

  5. That G.A. light up sign must have been my gift from the write-in campaign you ran a while back. It was obviously misplaced. Feel free to pop it in the post when you get a chance. 😛

    What’s up at my end? We got three cats a few weeks ago! That’s keeping us busy! We’re off to Tasmania for a two week holiday over Easter. Looking forward to firing up my pizza oven while I’m there.

  6. I’d go to the GA bar. Went to Quark’s in Vegas long ago, and it was a great experience.

    I wish I liked whisky. Ah well, I haven’t been drinking much at all.

    Spring is nearly here, so I have been trying to keep up with the yard. My goodness. I already have wasps in the carriage lamp. Packing for a short excursion to Loreto, I am bringing my paints and a small pack of tiny canvases. I have two kittens which are entering the jerk adolescent phase, where they are sweet, purring and cuddly one moment, then tearing up the house and each other then next.

  7. You sound busy. I hope you’re liking this new gig. Thanks for sharing your days with us!

    I’m keeping my head above water (literally). 🙂 Swimming in the mornings is like the “thunderdome”. It’s very busy. If I get to the YMCA early, I “might” get a lane. I don’t mind sharing a lane but I like to pick who with. For being the Nations Fattest City, there are a lot of people exercising every day.

    It’s spring and starting to get hot here. So, flower planting season is upon us.

    Next week, hubby and I are heading to Florida to visit his brother for a few days. Lucy Goosey has our son to kitty sit. I’m thankful for that because I won’t be worried about her the whole trip. Our normal house sitter is great but my kid has been “accepted” by the cat as family now. She even plays chase with him.

    Any plans for a Japan trip?

    1. Would love to go sometime in September. But I suppose it depends what I’ll be doing in September.

  8. Nothing much — doing a deep dive on the history of Buddhist movements in the west. And hopping over to the small Thai restaurant on the way home for dinner! Yum!

    We may need to get you guys some UF Whiskey Club glasses.

  9. Awww, these Dark Matter memories…😍 We’ll be reminiscing in July. I’m just planning our little European Team Raza reunion with some Twitter friends I met at the Dark Matter/Killjoys convention in London last October. It will be either around July 13th or 27th. Feel free to join us if your well deserved trip brings you to Germany. 😊

  10. Having a great week-end at a ski eesoert for a comicbook festival in the French Alps. Signing books and enjoying the hotel’s spa. Waiting for our Toronto trip that is now around the corner.
    That’s what’s up with me right now. ^^

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