Well, well, well.  If it isn’t Will Waring, longtime Stargate director and orchestrator of the Ishida Palace bloodbath back in Dark Matter’s second season episode “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose”.  He’s in town for a round of meet and greets but found time for dinner with Akemi, Ivon and me.  Will is pictured (above) holding his trademark pineapple (in decorative art format).  For those of you not in the know, Will has always found a way to work a pineapple into pretty much every episode he’s ever directed.  For fun, go through his Stargate repertoire and play “spot the pineapple”.  But blink and you may miss it.  Here was his trademark visual making an oh so subtle appearance in Dark Matter


Speaking of Stargate, I discovered this behind the scenes video from Stargate: Universe – testing out the stasis pods…

I suspect Akemi is growing weary of my ever-growing hot sauce collection.  The truth is I collect them faster than I consume them.  So, Saturday, she insisted I taste test my way through the unopened bottles and ditch the ones I didn’t like…


To entice me, she made chips!


I ended up tossing 2 out of 20.  Not bad.


There’s always something to do at TIFF.

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Will you be working with Will Waring on your current project? I have always enjoyed looking for that pineapple.


The chips look good, and Akemi’s right – that’s a lot of hot sauce. Perhaps you should have gone through them and only kept the ones that sincerely bring you joy.

Great to see Will Waring hanging out again! Always enjoyed his episodes very much. Go anywhere cool for dinner?


So … I’ll have to watch every episode directed by Will Waring again?! LOL
Pineapple hunt GO!


Btw, of your collection, which hot sauce is your favorite?

Quantum Mechanic®👽 (@JamesEFinch)

Speaking of hot sauces, try Jake & Amos Sweet & Hot Red Pepper Relish. It’s simple, Amish (?) made and good on so many things. They have a website and around 4 bucks a pound jar, it’s very cost effective as well as delicious. Also, those chips look a little done (or should I say done in?) but don’t tell Akemi I said that.


Will Waring is just as handsome as ever! I always had a hard time finding his pineapples.

That’s a lot of hot sauce! You should have spiked your competition in Friday’s battle. Just a little sprinkle here and a little sprinkle there…

Nicolas Bannister

Thanks for the video! How do you activate that thing? Is it pneumatic or hand moved? Is it remote controlled?

Akemi’s very kind, making chips for you to taste the sauces.

Margaret Clayton

I have been giving Larry’s hot sauces to our friends. I tried, but I couldn’t even hang onto the hot mustard sauce, and I adore hot mustard. Tabasco brand Chipotle is about my speed now. Darn it.


I love Will Waring’s Pineapples hidden in plain sight.
Another easter egg I’ve always adored: On that fateful “Sunday”, when Carson tragically died in Atlantis,
Zelinka, a couple hours earlier, declined an invitation to go fishing with Carson
because the winner of the chess game hes playing receives Dr Mallozzi’s Anime DVD collection.
It was even better than “Latin For The Novice” by Joseph Mallozzi PhD.

Well, I know you dont like to hear it, Joe
Albeit …
Akemi is right.
If you had 20 unopened bottles of hot sauce
then you are falling back into your old habits
of wasteful impulse buying and hoarding
regardless of no longer having
the abundant physical space to indulge said impulses.
Maybe Akemi should place a piece of masking tape on the bottom of each bottle
with the “date of purchase” written on it.
Any bottle that still has 3/4 of its contents remaining
after a specific number of mutually agreed upon weeks
(I suggest 14 weeks maximum)
should be taken to what ever production you are working at the time,
for hotsauce loving co-workers
to take home and utilize as they choose,
as this would indicate you do not favor it enough
to utilize more often and it would take much too long to finish the whole bottle
while other kitchen purchases accumulate.
You would simply leave it in the break room or whiskey/whisky club area with a note that reads:
“Joe’s under utilized hotsauce collection.
Feel free to take home any and all you like.”

You could even start a full swap out/swap meet space at work
for all co-workers to do the same?
They can bring a functional item in they are not using or significantly under utilizing
for another co-worker to take home.
You can declare it a “Reduce Waste” campaign effort.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Only two?

Those chips look amazing!

David Issel

If you enjoy hunting for pineapples, watch the show Psych. Nearly every episode of the 8 year run has a pineapple hidden in there somewhere.