7 thoughts on “April 7, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. “You ate breakfast yesterday. How many breakfasts do you want to eat this week?”

    I thought Suji was going to bite you for saying that. And rightfully so. Go-go, Suji-Suji!!

    Lulu can crash “Suji Sundays” anytime! Go-go, Lulu-Lulu!!

  2. Love that Suji is a little morning person, ready to eat the minute she rolls outta bed. Lulu looks so stoic and focused like she’s about to protect Castle Black alone, White Walkers be damned. I love Lulu’s little bat ears. I opted out of Sunday completely and pushed all chores to mañana. It was a day of naps, eating and Netflix.

  3. lol too cute. You will always have someone to talk to…at least at meal time. I too have great conversations with my cat …at dinner time.

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