In fighting form!

Yes, once we roll into production, I go from business casual to full complement – 3 piece suit, tie, cuffs, and, of course, the creative socks.  It’s ALL about the socks.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll go with a hot pepper theme for the Hellmouth competition.

This morning, I received the following more detailed breakdown of what Naomi and co. have planned for us –

April 4, 2019: The Day Before The Storm!

April 4, 2019: The Day Before The Storm!

I honestly don’t foresee any problems until we hit the end of Round 4.  I checked and the spoonful of hot sauce the loser will have to consume is this –

April 4, 2019: The Day Before The Storm!

Awww.  It’s even comes with a wooden coffin packaging.  Three weeks ago, I might have been worried, but I’ve been training – specifically, by enjoying my lunches with a healthy dollop of Alan from Locations’ Maple-Reaper creation.  A habanero-based will no doubt pale in comparison.

The ONLY part of this competition that gives me pause is the mysterious nature of the fifth and final round.  What, pray tell, could beat fiery wings and vindaloo?

Finally today, I leave you with the latest addition to our ever-growing whiskey club – a bottle of (appropriately enough) Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Deau Cognac Cask Finish Irish Whiskey compliments of our Block 2 director Sudz Sutherland –

April 4, 2019: The Day Before The Storm!

8 thoughts on “April 4, 2019: The Day Before the Storm!

  1. Piece of cake Joe. Piece of cake. If you are not in the hospital emergency room along with the loser of round 4, will you be posting the video of the competition on Friday night? Can’t wait for the laughs, urr… um… I mean… deep concern for your safety. (yeah that’s it)

  2. Awwww. Such a thoughtful young man, you are.
    Electing to wear your best suit to the competition
    to save your family the trouble of fetching it out of the closet
    in the event of your untimely demise.

    Goodluck today.
    GO JOE!
    she says as she wipes the car engine grease
    off her hands with his namesake

  3. Woe to the Round 4 loser! I’ve used a few bottles of Blair’s Death Sauce over the years. (Mostly for the cool skull keychain!) And it is no joke. Good luck to all!

  4. What kind of cooling agent do you have on hand? Buttermilk, peanut butter, coconut milk, tea, or etc?

    These new co-workers you have are a hoot! Are you bringing back the chocolate party too?

  5. Sweet writers tears, that turn into words that fans love, keep cryin’ them juicy tears writers! So I saw the blurbs on Cowboy Bebop and I’m guessing it was one of the many projects in the mix a few months back? I love the casting, John Cho was born to be Spike Spiegel. I hope your path will cross with that show.

  6. Round 5 for you NO PROBLEM!
    You will ROCK it in your fiery 3-piece suit and burning socks. Yes yes, I just know it!
    Then, flush it down with a huge dose of whiskey! XD

  7. Writer’s Tears is darn good stuff. Enjoy! Though I might save it for a day when you have not burned out your taste buds.

    Any thoughts about the new live action Cowboy Bebop?

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