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April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

So?  Whaddya think?

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

Came across this economy size bag of mealworms in the Art Department.

And I thought keto was weird!

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

Et voila!  Dinner is served!

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

Note to all production personnel – Please ensure your haircut falls within the show’s official parameters:

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

Today, Alan from Locations brought in some training aids –

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

Carolina Reaper with maple, White Ghost Chili with blueberries, and Israeli Chilis.  I tried them at lunch and felt punch-drunk through most of today’s Episode 4 read-thru. It’s all in preparation for this Friday’s throwdown –

April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

I was hoping I’d be known as Spicy Chalupa but, apparently, you can’t choose your own nickname.

19 thoughts on “April 2, 2019: Production Day #7

  1. Like the North Korean hair cut posters. Hard to get anything out of that place.

  2. I’ll do you one better and guess your NEXT symbol. It’s a circle with the sillouette of a bloodhound in profile, made recognizable by the ears that are wider on the bottom edge than the top edge.

    The current symbol is oxytocin, the hormone of trust and bonding.

  3. So? Whaddya think?

    A “Warning: Carbon-based life-forms ahead!” sign?

    And were the meal-worms a prop, or a craft table delicacy?

    Lastly, was “Go, Go, Joe, Joe” meant to read 号,号, ジョー, ジョー? I might be over-thinking this..

  4. Did you know Google’s image search now lets you filter by “black and white” and license type?

  5. The honeycomb is looking less chemically to me now so I’m going to say “mesh networking”. I hate the word “swarm” in this context because of its other connotations. The revolution will be maligned enough as it is.

  6. The symbol is a Think Tank. Or maybe it is some sort of Gene Splitting company. Damn, that’s my best guesses EVER!

    Go-go Joe-Joe!! You can take ’em! They don’t know who they are up against! Watch out for the quiet ones . . . (Grant “Participant” Boyle)

  7. The Symbol? – Chemistry Class or Laboratory. I’m always wrong & we can all have a laugh over this some time in the future.

    While I like to think I’m game for eating just about anything, I may have to draw the line at mealworms. It’s not because they’re worms, it’s because you buy the economy kind instead of the premium worms. I have standards.

    My mouth is burning & my forehead’s all sweaty just thinking about Hellmouth! I wish I could participate so I could show everyone my regulation haircut and all. Good luck with the peppers, but I have to reveal I’m pulling for Grant “Participant” Boyle. I know you didn’t pick your nicknames, but them’s the breaks! “Participant” just speaks to me.

    Have fun Friday.

  8. Well, whoever did choose those nicknames gets an “A+” from me. Those are delightful.

  9. Is the graphic a map of some kind? Or the symbol for the American Honeycomb Association? I don’t know. Isn’t Go-Joe the stuff that you get to remove grease of your hands when you’re working on cars? I think I remember that correctly.

    I’ve been quite under the weather since my trip down south. I seem to have caught a bad chest cold which has had me feeling gross for going on two weeks now. Stupid airports/planes. Starting to feel a bit better the last couple of days, thankfully.

  10. And yet Go-Go Joe-Joe has first billing, clearly the one to beat if you don’t fill up on skewered meal worms. I volunteer to wail into my embroidered silk handkerchief as contestants fall in battle. From a distance that platter did look delicious. Yet again is handsome crew with style and wit, what is in the water up Canada way?

  11. The symbol represents some alliance between the main Coalition and another faction, somewhat removed and yet integral to the success of the whole. Perhaps a mercenary force or something along those lines? The lines below represent the three Omegas — the three ends to civilization as we knew it. Two small ones, and a large one — perhaps one that has yet to come?

  12. The obvious answer is the symbol represents a carbon based life creation lab.
    Albeit, I must consider this is yet another one of those ink blotter tests
    from the suspected ongoing psyche eval you’ve been performing on us
    these last few months.
    In which case I’d be forced to confess
    it is a picture of an abstract duck or other bird
    reaching out to pick up the worms located just below it.

    Speaking of psyches….
    Here’s a little something to get you in the mood for
    Fridays insane competition:

  13. Hi Joe,

    My family completed our second runthrough of Stargate Atlantis last night. We had this issue the first time we watched it, and this time we really needed to ask you:

    Why isn’t Zelenka on the balcony at the end?
    Why isn’t everyone thanking him for his Wormhole Dive solution?
    Why isn’t Rodney embracing him with gratitude?

    That’s all. I’d love to know your thoughts. Zelenka finally getting credit for saving the day would have been extremely satisfying.

  14. Is it just me? Or have you all noticed that the symbols top half
    actually looks an awful lot like an abstract bug
    and the bottom half ‘heads’ portion of the pic
    are in the elongated shape
    hollywood writers often utilize for depicting gray aliens.
    And that Joe has been tweeting an awful lot lately about SG?
    So maybe?? the real reason behind all the mystery on this production
    is they arent working on a new show by RT, at all.
    Maybe?, its actually StarGate series 4
    and that symbol is a warning sign
    about entering an area where the Iratus bug
    prey on alien (non human) species!!

    or maybe ………………..

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