This past week, former Stargate and Travelers creator Brad Wright was presented with a well-deserved lifetime achievement award.  In the days leading up to the event, I was asked to contribute to a special compilation reel by  responding to five questions about Brad – which I did.  Now, I wasn’t at the event and didn’t see the final product, but I heard a few of my responses actually made the cut.  Some, sadly, did not (I’m left to wonder why?).  But here for you, in their unedited entirety, are the five responses I sent in…

9 thoughts on “March 30, 2019: A Salute to Brad Wright!

  1. Well, you used the “f” word as an adjective, I wouldn’t have used that clip. Why didn’t you smile in any of these clips? You sounded genuinely proud of and happy for Brad. Amazing stats for hours worked in your industry.

    Congratulations to Brad Wright!! Well done!

    I do hope you too will be recognized Joe, for your talent and hard work.

  2. Gee. Can’t imagine why they didn’t use ALL your responses.

    Well, cheer up.
    Here’s some music for ya before i hop on my broom and head out to the farmers market.
    😀 😀 😀

  3. Congrats to Brad Wright for making so many wonderful hours of great TV. Now go get Grace and Trevor together before I throw my laptop out the window.

  4. Congratulations to Brad Wright. I’m sure they had a lot of comments to choose from so they probably didn’t need all of yours.


  5. Last night I went with my neighbor and we saw Cyrano de Bergerac play at the Guthrie Theater. You talked about a show’s timing and hitting a mark. I hadn’t paid much attention and just thought then as words. In watching (the new) Hawaii 5-0 I am poo-pooing the tv show, there has to be more the story than just setting and beautiful woman, it’s one show that can’t be filmed in Canada.

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