A Day in the Life – Shibuya (A construction site story)…

Heartwarming, no?  Speaking of which…

Cheese-dipped burgers!  Yes/No?

Meanwhile, on the production front…

March 29, 2019: Production Day #5!

Script Supervisor/Male Model Brad Wetherly.

March 29, 2019: Production Day #5!

Production Assistant Leah Tomlinson captures me with her old timey camera for my Wanted poster – dead or alive!  But preferably alive.

March 29, 2019: Production Day #5!

“Explain the Symbol” – Round #2.  What is this?

Things I ate today: One grilled cheese sandwich with sriracha, one debreziner sausage, one protein shake, hummus and veggies, one small bag of cheese Doritos, lots of chocolate.

14 thoughts on “March 29, 2019: Production Day #5!

  1. The symbol: What is … the design for some organization, incorporated area, country, or planet, Alex?
    (Did I win? I never win.)

    Of all the things in that burger video, the one thing that screams in my brain the loudest is, “She’s eating cheese fries WITH HER BARE HANDS!” Although I did wonder if “Stab you in the heart & get it over with” was an item on the menu.

    Shibuya was cute, in the good & heartwarming way, not the dismissive way. Or so I’d have you believe.

    Waiter. I’d like to order more teasers, please.

  2. This was just posted: https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/dark-matter-why-was-the-syfy-series-cancelled-the-shows-creator-says/

    Thanks for the full story. I knew it was something like this. I defended DM and you and am still giving Syfy crap for their stupid cancellations. (such as the similarly great Expanse) people can be stupid, selfish and down right fickle. I could run a network 10x as well as some of these idiots.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to your new projects.


  3. Explain the symbol Round #2
    Is it the orchid and the beehive – representing an epiphytic community?

    PS Interesting health food diet you got going there, Joe.

  4. Lunch today for me: Teriyaki chicken wings & fried rice.
    Late afternoon snack:
    Chocolate , Almond Gelato. (((YUM!!)))

    Dinner: Mussels stewed in milk & butter,
    then placed in a shallow sauce bowl
    and smothered in fresh diced tomato and onion.

    Midnight snack: Tiramisu

    As for the symbol:
    According to Siri,
    it depends if the flower symbol is intended to be lotus or iris?

    Flame inside lotus: Perfect eternity??
    Flame inside Iris: Wisdom??

    Albeit, if this is one of those psychological ink blotter tests? ….
    I’m gonna have to go with the background appearing to be a
    spiders web and the rest symbolizing femininity and female private parts.
    Thus, it is obviously a warning about a female trying to trap the symbol observer
    into bed for life, eh?
    once you enter, you belong to her for the remainder of your days

  5. I was hungry before reading your post. Now I’m positively drooling! Definite YESYESYES!

  6. The cheese dipped burger reminds me of the tasty Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. They aren’t dipped in cheese but the yummy cheese ends up all of the sandwich while you’re eating it. Yummy!

    The picture looks like a venn diagram. An intergalactic company insignia? Very nice!

    Cool camera! What kind is it? Speaking of antique cameras, my mom has one of those old box cameras. I’m not sure if it works but it did when I was a kid.

    Have a great weekend Everyone!

  7. Big yes for the Shibuya story.
    Big no no for the dipped burger.

    The symbol is a space orchid on tiles, emblem of the amazon clan.
    You don’t mess with the Velvet Orchid’s amazons.

  8. That it one gorgeous rack of ribs in that burger video. I don’t trust yellow cheese sauce, too many Cheese Whiz flashbacks. I prefer shredded parm and mozzarrela on bean chips. Those ribs tho, yowza.

    That symbol is a lot like the Girl Scouts symbol. It still looks like maize, so maybe it’s the Maize Maidens who sell delicious cookies in space.

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