March 28, 2019: Production Day #4!

WUT is this?!  Why, it’s the Art Department’s Roxanne Borris with a print of her Suji painting.  Order yours HERE!

March 28, 2019: Production Day #4!

1st Assistant Diretor Derek Filitraut clearly aint buying this Third Act twist.

March 28, 2019: Production Day #4!

People are always quick to comment on my ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and socks – but no one ever even mentions Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok’s footwear.  His Nike collection could fill outfit an entire NBA team.

March 28, 2019: Production Day #4!

Line Producer Robbie David – all laughs.

March 28, 2019: Production Day #4!

“Explain the Symbol” – Round #1.  What is this?

Finally, I’m sitting through most of the day, but will always find time for a quick workout.    Please, keep in mind I’m a trained professional.  Don’t try this at home.

11 thoughts on “March 28, 2019: Production Day #4!

  1. The symbol is a mistake. It was grain but Borris just generally wasn’t feeling the integration of the curvy and natural with the aggressive, gold bouillon take on an upside down “V” in her icon art so she put it on the floor and let it get defiled by Nike treads.

  2. The symbol is not a grain. It represents the burning lantern. The production designer applies it as he sees fit.

  3. Hmm… Feedback ups the game a bit. My usual strategy of making wild guesses based on little info so it looks like magic the one time in a thousand I’m right isn’t going to fly.

    There’s a lot in it that would indicate both direction and aggression but at the same time aggressors like to flaunt their tech. This is all about flaunting the gold. A flame-based lantern and floor arrows are both low tech. I’ll need to think it through this time. These are details I’m noting, not conclusions.

    The gold theme should be apparent from other hints by now, but being on a gray floor speaks to it being even more ubiquitous, an absolute requirement from so on high no one living can nix it.

  4. A burning lantern! Damn I was gonna say that!

    That Suji print is awesome. But I would want my dog. I draw too. Animals are my specialty.

  5. Hey Joe, I always appreciate Ivon’s kicks. I love these ones, but my favourites are his bright green ones. I don’t know if he still has those.

    Great painting.

    Cheers Chev (Maryanne)

  6. The eternal yet ephemeral flame. The triad of past, present, future. Or lady parts. If it is burning lady parts, someone needs to see a medical professional.

  7. Oo la la sets! I like that Captain Nemo vibe with the portholes and that cool pale green symbol; gold foil version of that symbol is an ear of corn within a sort of arrow, pointing in the direction of where the Maize festival will be, byo butter. That painting is gorgeous, Suji just knows where her light is at all times. I’m anxious for the work day to end so I can restock on baking supplies for a long rainy weekend

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