March 26, 2019: Production Day #2!

Well look what Set Decorator Andy Loew found.  Two Galactic Authority commendation plaques for Lieutenant Kal Varrick.  They will soon adorn my office – along with that giant painting of Emperor Ryo Ishida.

March 26, 2019: Production Day #2!

What’s this?  A little something to celebrate our first week of production courtesy of writer Alex Levine.

March 26, 2019: Production Day #2!

He knows me way too well!

March 26, 2019: Production Day #2!

Just like old times.

March 26, 2019: Production Day #2!

Hey, check out this interview with my friend – and one of the most wonderful and wonderfully talented actors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with –

10 Questions with Robert Picardo

In truth, Woolsey ended up my favorite expedition member to write for during Stargate: Atlantis’s final season.  It’s always a true delight to rehabilitate and redeem someone in the eyes of the audience (You may remember a few from my last show, Dark Matter) and Bob’s performance went such a long way towards making Richard Woolsey such a surprisingly endearing character in the end.

7 thoughts on “March 26, 2019: Production Day #2!

  1. I am perhaps unreasonably proud that one question that was chosen for Robert to answer was mine.

  2. cookie???
    Did someone say? (((COOKIE!!)))
    XOXOXO <3 <3 <3

    Nice to see some things survived the DM set purge.
    Hope the rest of your work day proved equally sweet.

    As for me, My day found me dipping into a pint of
    Haagen Daz Pralines n’ Cream for breakfast
    and craving crisp chinese almond cookies by the time lunch rolled around.
    Now, here it is nearly midnight and I find myself having difficulty falling asleep
    because my body hasn’t come down from the sugar high yet.
    Yep. It’s just been one of those days!

  3. Those galactic authority commendations look pristine, and would look even better in my cube as inspiration to start my space bounty hunter business. I love me some Picardo, his recent turn on Orville was sooo good, I’m hoping he’ll return to that show. I cleared away the horrors of bad LA food with a fantastic sopita made in my own kitchen; tomato bisque with chicken, plaintain, black beans and squash. In LAX I made the mistake of stopping at the first eatery I saw for a rubbery egg white omelet, not realizing there was a Wolfgang Puck eatery a few yards away. I’m hoping to beat the food jinx, lately I have no luck with eating out.

  4. I was looking at Mr. Picardo’s lists of projects on IMDB and it’s impressive! When he said I consider my experience in the Stargate franchise a gift in my career. I did not have to audition for the role. I did not have a network test (as actors customarily do for a series regular part).

    Do actors of his caliber have to audition? I would think his work and reputation would speak for itself. A lot of times, it’s ‘who you know” and “word of mouth”. Robert’s been around since the 70’s, so he would know a lot of people.

    As for the cookies…YUM! Get Akemi to make some of those Drunken Uncles 😉

  5. Is Utopia Falls the name of the show, or a production title?

    When can you post updates on IMDB regarding your current slate of productions?

    Congrats and good hunting! ElGardner

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