This week, amid all the construction and painting and sewing and stitching and meeting and writing, we also found time to celebrate.  Specifically, on Tuesday, with The Sandlot-themed bash for Assistant Production Coordinator Drew Cohoe’s birthday.

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

Check out the spread!

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

I’ll be honest.  I’ve never seen the movie but I can only assume this cake is really on point.

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

The Birthday Boy!

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

The Prize Drawer!  What wonders does it hold?

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

Guess the number of gumballs in the jar!  Everyone scoffed when I wrote 103, yet it was good enough for 2nd place!

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

Plus a box of oreo Pocky AND two handfuls of gumballs!

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

Then we followed that up yesterday with a Curb Your Enthusiasm-themed birthday bash for our Line Producer Robbie David who turned – oh, I don’t – I’m guessing 50-something!

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

Best Birthday Cake Ever!

There were special character balloons, party hats, and a special screening of some of Robbie’s favorite episodes.

There were games.  In “Do You Respect the Wood”, you had to identify all eight types of wood.  I got zero.  The next (better) game had you building the Larry David sandwich from the list of ingredients provided.  I came in second.

March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

Which meant MORE prizes.  A pack of Junior Mints and the pink thing Akemi had fun with last night (It’s a giant bubble wand).

Other prizes won included a Black Panther mask, a nerf basketball net, and two framed photos of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich!

But wait!  There’s more!  We ended the festivities with this literal coup de grace!

Piñata!!! And inside?  More gumballs (that I suspect may have been leftover from preceding party).

Who doesn’t love a party?

10 thoughts on “March 14, 2019: Birthday Bashes!

  1. That all looks like so much fun – and getting a lot of work done too! That’s what you get when you have a tightly run ship – time to let you hair down and have fun.

    Good thing you cleared up that bit about the bubble wand! LOL!

    Some side news – headed to the Grand Canyon again next week for a 5 day backpacking trip. A couple of friends specifically wanted to do the itinerary that we’re doing and it’s been a while since I’ve done this part so, here we go!

    This is the trail we’re going down.

  2. Wow! You take your office birthday parties seriously! Here we might get a cake and gather together to sing “Happy Birthday.” But often it just goes unremarked. We do get “birthday leave”, though, so often the birthday person isn’t in the office on their birthday.

  3. I’ve very familiar with The Sandlot (I had a son in little league baseball and a daughter in softball)…I’ve seen it many times during family movie nights. And slightly on topic, they have a Sandlot TV series in the works (coming to a streaming service).

    I’ll be honest. I’ve never seen the movie but I can only assume this cake is really on point.

    That’s Wendy on the cake; she’s the love interest (and future wife) of Squints. Again, I’ve seen this movie over and over, and over again. Is Drew’s nickname, ‘Squints’ by chance? Or about to be? 😀

  4. You have a fun bunch of co-workers! It looks like you’re happy too. That makes work, not work. Have a blast and thanks for sharing your life with us.

    Happy Trails Gforce! 🙂

    I ordered an Instapot. Does anyone have favorite recipes to share?

  5. @maggiemayday: I’d love to go visit that area, but I understand it’s quite difficult to get to. I expect the car rental company would not appreciate me taking their vehicle on to that road!

  6. ~Happy Birthday~ Robbie & Drew!

    @Gforce: Have fun next week. Be safe. Hope you get the chance to
    take lots of nice pics to share.

    @Maggiemyday & @PBMom: Hope you’re both feeling a bit better.

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