I was going through some old blog entries and came across this little SGU nugget –

Then kept digging and came across this one from back in the Atlantis days –

And then this, shooting the show’s final scene –

A practical puddle test –

The FTL look (Stargate: Universe) –

Testing the Brody purple-spray gag for Stargate: Universe –


Less than two weeks to principal photography and I’m about to hit critical mass!

13 thoughts on “March 12, 2019: BTS Videos from the Stargate Vault!

  1. Cool videos! I don’t remember the purple spray thing, though.

    I was just reading that it looks like Apple is going to be launching it’s own streaming TV service including with its own funded content. I wonder if they would like to try Dark Matter?! (If the previous rights can be pried from Netflix’s hands.)

    1. The purple shower spray was from one of the kino episodes.

      The Apple streaming service is a hard nut to crack.

  2. You have a good amount of projects under your belt. It must feel good.

    How are you sleeping these days?

    I hope you’re feeling better Maggiemayday!

  3. LOL, thanks for sharing, laughter and good memories are a great start to the day.

    Working on it, Tammy. Still hacking and snorkeling through the day though. Yuck.

  4. Chills at that SGA ending, SGA for me had the best crew uniforms, some the best on film up there with stillsuits and ST Discovery. Whoa, this year is going by fast, bring on the new production pics!

  5. Damn, so cool. Thanks for the vids. Shooting scifi Tv (or movies) looks very fun. all the toys and sets and costumes, and fun things to say. 😀
    Love that scene on the balcony.

  6. Just saw that a remake of “one day at a time” was canceled on Netflix after 3 sessions. So with all the remakes that are taking over the air waves, do you think a new Dark Matter has a chance?

  7. Rumor has it Fandy books wants to novelize the movie scripts. Please make the full scripts available to all fans. Fandy has a horrendous track record for non-canon deviations, misgendering characters, and readers bragging about locked access to special pre-deleted content. Please lets fans read the scripts as they were intended.

  8. Purple, my favorite color. I think these are cool. I don’t remember them but listen, I’m forgetting even small things lately.

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