For all of your Dark Matterly needs, head on over to the Dark Matter subreddit where I’ve started posting all of my behind the scenes photos and videos from the show’s three year run…


 The Raza bridge design.

Dark Matter – Virtual Bridge walk-thru from DarkMatter

The Raza bridge walk-thru.

Sassy gunslingers.

And much, much more!

Less than two weeks from production and we’re picking up speed.  Cast locked down.  Costumes and sets being built.  Scripts for episodes 1 to 9 being rewritten.  Yes, we have 9 out of 10 drafts which, on the surface, sounds crazy – but that’s only because it is.  Yesterday, our 2nd AD marveled at the fact we were so ahead of the game to which our Production Manager, Cathy, remarked that, in her many years of television, she has only been on one other production where that was the case.  The name of said production.  Dark Matter of course.

Well, back to the ole drawing board on the outline for my (formerly titled) Untitled Awesome Project.  It’s one of those instances where the seemingly minor notes will require a wholesale rethinking of the structure – something I don’t really have a mind to do given what’s on my plate.  So, sadly, setting this one aside for the time being.

Meanwhile, that super BIG project is one step closer.  We’re nailing down the pitch and then it’ll be smooooooth sailing!  Let’s circle back in a week, shall we?

Alright, my day is done.  Now, finally, time to unwind with the selection of a few scenes to send to casting for our First Block guest stars, then a pass on Episode 6, capped off with a review of our VFX Establishers.  Ahhhhhhh.  So relaxing!

12 thoughts on “March 11, 2019: Ah, happy memories!

  1. I do like these peeks into the behind the scenes processes when creating new shows.
    … you should make more new shows!!!

  2. Compared to your schedule, I’ve been a snail creeping, creeping. Jeff is in New Orleans for business and it feels so strange in this house with no Jeff or Patrick. Boomer has been feeling just fine getting 100% of my attention outside of doing some work stuff, oh and I had PT today (with a fever and a mask on–I figured my fever/cold would be gone by Sunday and they require 24 hours cancellation notice or they’ll charge you. So I decided to go there armed with a face mask and a lot of Purell. Hopefully by Thursday this will be gone. Then I went to the St. Luke’s Hospital closer to home to get a copy of Patrick’s ER visit from Dec 22 that the group home people needed for their records (Jeff got him that time because I was recovering from surgery and Jeff insists they had him sign something and he left without so much as a piece of paper with him). Then, they told me “oh no, we can’t get those records for you, you’ll have to go to the actual hospital he went to (which was a 30-40 minute drive at this time of day). And when I said, “Oh God, REALLY???” What hospital network isn’t interconnected these days?” She made a call and found out I could go to the other closer one and they could get that information for me, the main campus…which required quite a long walk from the parking lot to the medical records department…with a fever…who only wanted to go home and go back to bed.

    I finally got home but went past the intersection where a CRAZY thing happened here on Friday. A man walked into an office building and shot a man (dead) and the woman suffered blunt force trauma. This was 2 miles from my house. Then 1 mile from my house his car exploded into flames and he died. This office building is in a shopping center where we go shopping a lot and get Chinese food. The shooting happened at 4:p.m. Jeff had gone passed there and traffic was backing up, so he thought there was a crash up ahead and went down the street whose light is before the light where the car exploded. So let’s think maybe the car exploded at about 4:15 or so. If you look at where the car was and where Michael Zepeda’s video recording was, he was standing at about where the elementary school is. A shorter way down is the junior high and then the intermediate school after that. Most of those families picking up their children would have been turning at that light. Lucky for them, school was only a half day and the kids were home safe.

    Today I heard that the gunman filed for divorce from his wife the day before the shooting. They haven’t said if the woman who had the blunt force trauma (report today said “nonlife-threatening injuries) was the wife and maybe the man he shot was someone she was having an affair with?

    My family practice doctor used to occupy the first office on the right in this building (but relocated many years ago).

    When I went past the intersection today they were fixing the signage on the stop light area, but you could still see the area where the car burned. It’s horrible.

    Here is the link:

  3. Sorry to hear about UAP.
    Albeit, no worries.
    It’ll get there eventually.
    You simply need to remind yourself
    and become reacquainted
    with your need for balance
    in all aspects of your daily life
    for your muse to function properly.
    Also, it is my sincere hope, you never forget
    some of your very best insprations have come from
    the seemingly smallest things
    people have said and done
    as you’ve gone about your daily life.
    You simply need a bit of refueling at the moment.

    Feed the world the right prompts.
    The world will, in turn, respond.
    Which will, in turn,
    feed the muse
    , no? 🙂

    I wuvs ya joey wahwozzee. You can do it. xo

    Maybe its time for a really good, long, honest, rant??
    Just one big deep breath then, channel your inner Jodelle
    and release that (((SCREAM!!)))

  4. Glad to know lots of stuff got done … even though sounds like there are still a lot more to be done! LOL.
    Thanks for the BTS stuff!

  5. Isn’t this the time of year when a new season on Dark Matter would have started? I was feeling that today. I sure do miss it. Still cursing SyFy.

  6. If we’re talking Dark Matter, there is something i always wondered. Do you know who made the outro music? It sounded very much like a Glitch Mob song or remix but i dont think it was ever officially released anywhere.

  7. If we’re talking Dark Matter there is something i always wondered about. Do you know who made the outro music? It sounded a lot like a Glitch Mob song or remix but i dont think it was ever officially released. I loved it so much!

  8. That sucks about the UAP. That’s one of the more exciting things (if not the most) I think you have going now. Any new news on that horror novel adaptation?

    Still hurts some to see those DM pics. I miss that show so much. I will never give up hope for a conclusion!

    Good to see things moving on the UF front. It’s no news that things would be working so smoothly on a Joseph Mallozzi gig! 🙂

  9. Two steps forward and one back is still progress. You sound happy when you’re busy, though, it leaps out through the words.

    I have the Horrible Crud. I may actually go to a doctor this time, I’ve had low grade fevers and my lungs were making strange noises last night. Asthma noises, which are gone this morning, but it is a rather unsettling combination of sound and sensation. Picked the crud up in California. A friend and I decided to go see the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. There’s also other wonderful stuff in the area, such as California state parks with enormous redwood trees, and the Lick Observatory, and quaint tiny towns. The rolling California countryside still exists, with green meadows and gnarly oak trees decked with moss. Fantastic. We packed a lot into three days. Spent as much time on the road though, and I got to see an old friend.

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