Today’s ensemble…

Decepticon cufflinks, Little Prince socks, grey suit, and Macallan Amber.

Casting, emails, more casting, more emails, even more casting, even more emails, reviewing scripts and pulling scenes for the upcoming chemistry reads (aka. even MORE casting).  And the color palette meeting.

March 5, 2019: Prep Day 2!

Hey, this is important!  Gummy Bear sausages are a thing –

March 5, 2019: Prep Day 2!

I mean, Zoie almost unfollowed me for posting this informative news piece about a place that serves pizza ice cream:

Please, select your Lantern Corps…

March 5, 2019: Prep Day 2!

Then pick up your ring…

March 5, 2019: Prep Day 2!



9 thoughts on “March 5, 2019: Prep Day 2!

  1. I am most definitely a Green Lantern.
    I am a massive Green Lantern fan. Love the mythology etc.
    Hal Jordan would be my favourite.

  2. Yoo hoo, if you just found that package of gummi brats, did you notice its expiration date?
    Jun 2015……questionable quality.

  3. The gummi-bear sausages are intriguing. Like a sweet sausage, obviously. Although one wonders why they felt compelled to include “water” twice on the ingredients label.

    Pizza ice cream? In Philly? 30 minutes from my house? I’m so there! I’ll give a full report.

  4. hahah, I read pizza ice cream and thought you were talking about Dairy Queen’s “treatza pizza”!! Not the same thing….

  5. Speaking of Casting….

    Hey Joe?, Did you get my demo tape yet??

    I’m auditioning for the role of
    your future former nemesis from across the great future chasm
    that famously opens up without warning
    and swallows weird writer dudes in Toronto
    who own too many socks and cuff links.

    Very much hope sweet Lulu is continuing to improve?
    Sorry. Don’t mean to be so neurose about it.
    I think I just worry a bit more these days than need be
    because she is the last of the original Fantastic Four.

  6. I choose Life! I want a ring that can dole out Light and Life, especially after watching the creepy I Am the Night finale. I love those socks, aw! With all this casting and emailing surely there is time for food trucks and sampling Toronto’s best lunch take out. I get the sweet with the spicy sausage, I made Italian Sausage meatballs with the sauciest sauce ever and there were great with broccoli and plaintain.

  7. @Joe:

    I’ll admit it, gummi-bear sausage would not be something I’d jump at the chance for, but I would try it if offered. The $2 off sticker may be an indicator of its popularity, though.

    As for the pizza, I’ve had sweet-corn and tuna-fish pizza (a specialty of Sprint Pizza of Bradley Stoke when I lived in the UK), so ice cream on pizza can’t be much worse than that. Although I imagine if you’re not quick enough, it rapidly turns to cream soaked pizza.

    Please, select your Lantern Corps…

    Going by my favorite car colors (Hey! Why not?!?) my Lantern Corps are:

    Red: Rage
    Orange: Avarice
    Yellow: Fear

    With a little bit of Black (Death) thrown in for good measure. If forced to choose only one, I suppose it would be Red (Rage). What was the oath for that ring? I couldn’t quite read it from the graphic. Oh, a little googling and here it is:

    With blood and rage of crimson red, Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, Together with our hellish hate, We’ll burn you all—That is your fate!

    Hmmm, maybe not the best fit to describe me? Unless, you’re a pig? Smoking season is coming up after all…

  8. I think one time in my life I would be blue; hope isn’t my thing at the moment; maybe some day that will return. I might be Indigo, although white would be pretty cool.

    And hell no to Gummi Bear Brats. The horror. I like sausage but just not that sausage.

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