Well, we’re certainly picking up speed and – Oh, yeah! – past the point where we can apply the brakes in any hope of slowing down this runaway train.  Nope.  It’s either All Aboard or Get out of the way!  Today, we barreled through three and a half hours of live auditions and another hour of self-tapes to accompany the four hours of callbacks we sat through yesterday.  We’ve got to start pulling the trigger on choices next week because, uncoincidentally enough, our first day of official prep is this Monday as we sit down for the Block #1 concept meeting which promises to be a real page turner.  It’s true.  It says so right there on the prep schedule:

March 1, 2019: All Aboard Or Get Out Of The Way!

Got my hands full this weekend with production-friendly passes on Episodes 101 and 102.  And, most certainly, more auditions.  And some possible pottery glazing.

Quick!  Match the inspired fandom nickname to their obsession!

Clone Club

Clock Blockers

Flash Mob

6 thoughts on “March 1, 2019: All Aboard or Get out of the way!

  1. Doesn’t Browncoats relate to Firefly fandom? The others? I haven’t a clue. Best of luck with your work!

  2. Clone Club – Orphan Black
    Clock Blockers – Timeless
    Fannibals – Hannibal
    Dunderheads – The Office
    Flash Mob – The Flash
    Wingnuts – The West Wing (Had to Google this one so cheating)
    Kimbits – Kim’s Convenience
    Browncoats – Firefly
    Sidekick – (You got me)
    Pysch-Oh’s – Psych

  3. Clone Club Devoted fans of Orphan Black
    Clock Blockers Fans of Timeless
    Fannibals Cannabial fans of Hannibal
    Dunderheads Devoted fans of The Office UD
    Flash Mob Devoted fans of The Flash
    Wingnuts Fans of the show wings with Tim Daly
    Browncoats Devoted fans of Firefly
    Pysch-Oh’s Devoted fans of Psych

    That is the best I can do with out googling.

  4. Pip–I don’t think Dark Matter ever wound up naming themselves because no one could decide upon one. #WeAreTheRaza may have been as close as we got. I could be wrong though.

    Sounds so busy Joe.

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