It’s been about two weeks since I’ve had a goodnight’s sleep.  For some reason of late, it takes me forever to drift off and, when I finally do, I’m awake again hours later.  In bed by 10 p.m., asleep by 1 a.m., awake at 2:30 a.m., asleep against by 3:00 a.m., awake again an hour later, and so on.  I do, however, make up for my night time insomnia by being thoroughly exhausted through most daylight hours.  I’ve tried everything – chamomile tea, warn milk, booze.  Even formerly reliable melatonin hasn’t helped.  I mean do I have to resort to taking Suji’s CBD oil?  Akemi thinks it may be because I’m stressed, but what do I have to be stressed about?  And even if I am stressed, I apparently do a terrific job of hiding it from myself.

This inability to sleep through the night has made it incredibly difficult for me to focus, especially when it comes to reading.  Whereas, last year, I could get through a book, maybe two, in a single day, now I’m lucky to make it through a couple of chapters before growing weary and setting it aside.

And still work continues on several fronts.

Today, it was call-backs for our seven younger leads while auditions are coming in for our adult regulars.  Set construction is in full swing.  We’ve had our preliminary art department, props, and costume meetings – as well as several sit-downs to discuss visual effects and our ambitious schedule.  Tomorrow, it’s a chat with the broadcaster and another round of call-backs, these via Skype.  This weekend, I set my sights on our first two episodes with a mind to tightening, streamlining, and discovering some futuristic turns of phrase.

The outline for my (formerly titled) Untitled Awesome Project was delivered to the broadcaster last week and we impatiently await word.  No need for a long and detailed response.  A simple “Great!  Start writing that first draft!” would suffice.

Tweaked and delivered the series overview for that comic book adaptation last week as well.  Once our awesome artist has delivered the required images, we’ll put together a proper package, hopefully get that script order, then attach a director and awaaaaay we go!

Slow and steady progress on the BIG dream project.  We went back and forth on the pitch, finally locked it down, and sent it off to the production company.  Once they sign off, it goes to the publisher.  And once THEY sign off, WE go to the broadcaster and pitch it.  And if THEY give us the go ahead…we are going to have a blast.

20 thoughts on “February 28, 2019: Sweet sweet elusive sleep!

  1. Do you need a new pillow or mattress? Have you had your vitamin D levels checked recently? I really do not sleep well if I do not take my prescription D.

    We could all sing to you. A youtube lullaby channel … no? Chicken.

  2. I feel your exhaustion & general mental fuzziness over insomnia, it’s a regular guest at my house. If you have any time & place where you can grab a nap during the day, do it. On days when the weather’s not too extreme I’ll nap in the back of my vehicle at lunch time. The rear windows are tinted enough that I can’t even be seen & any kind of resting seems to help.

    I know you listed booze as an attempted remedy – you’re just not drinking enough.

  3. Woah, Joe!
    You’ve got so much going on, no wonder your brain won’t slow down at night! Perhaps once shooting starts and the other projects are OKed and start rolling, your brain will start to settle down…
    Please take care. Don’t have a burnout!

  4. As you know, I’m no stranger to insomnia. I went for at least three years of often not sleeping at all at night, and then when finally fatigued enough I would have a fitful night’s sleep of several hours broken into sections like you mention. It’s only in the last few months that it’s improved, probably up to 6 hours a night. Still have the odd bad night though. And like you say, it affects everything you do – constantly feeling slightly sick and often being completely unable to focus. At its peak a couple of years ago, I actually walked into a tree walking down the street. Did not see it before at all.

    Did you ever try that Sleep Button app? I found it worked well for me for a while at least. The problem was though it would help me get to sleep quite fast, but didn’t stop the early wakening. Still, it was an improvement.

    Good to hear other stuff is moving along. Can’t wait to hear more about the BIG DREAM project!

  5. Oh, another thing that I found helps – resisting the temptation to pick up the phone or laptop to read stuff on the internet to pass the time. I think I was basically training myself to wake up in order to get that Internet “hit”, and when stopped doing that it it took a while but I finally didn’t wake up nearly as often.

  6. The only time in my life I’ve had trouble sleeping I’d just started living in London. I suspect the stress of starting a new job, living in a new city, in a share house with strangers was just too much for my brain and it wouldn’t switch off.

    I found these really helped:

    It has valerian root extract which is supposed to be good for calming anxiety. I’m usually a sceptic about natural remedies and generally refuse to take pills – not even aspirin – unless I’m really sick. It might just have been the placebo affect but these helped. After a month or so I was settled enough I didn’t need them anymore.

  7. Unfortunately, Bruce and I can relate to what you’re going through with your insomnia. There are many reasons. Stress, of course, is one of the main reasons. The other reasons are: bladder problems, a change in medication, prostate issues, undiagnosed adult ADD, undiagnosed epilepsy, AND just the fact that your body is going through changes due to age. My guess is Akemi is correct, you have a lot going on and you are stressed – you’re thinking too much. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’m sure I have adult ADD. My mind is always changing channels and I have many projects going on. I’m extremely forgetful which drives Bruce crazy. Ironically, in first grade, I can remember being frustrated that I couldn’t “get it” or remember stuff like my classmates. However, I get a lot done and people consider me creative. BTW: I’m looking forward to all these projects being completed. Congratulations on all of them and I wish success to all.

  8. Alcohol bad. Magnesium good. CBD maybe. Gabapentin for short term by rx. Any chance of sleep apnea? Snoring etc, ask ur lady about that.

  9. Who wouldn’t be stressed with all that going on? Watch that stress! It is real killer. It can cause any number of disease. Maybe you should take a couple of days and just do nothing, though it sounds like that is not your nature. You could always talk to a professional, but really do something about that stress. It is unhealthy not to sleep.

  10. I often find being totally, physically exhausted is a good way to reboot my sleep. I work using by brain at a desk and find that while my brain wants to relax my body isn’t ready because it hasn’t done much movement all day. I hate exercise but I find going for a swim in the evening or a long (2 hour) walk at weekends helps me feel like I need sleep when I finally go to bed.

  11. Listen to Akemi. I haven’t tried the CBD oil but I’ve heard good things. Let us know your results if you decide to use it.

    I’ve had insomnia a few times. When it was extreme, even Ambien wouldn’t touch it. It was exhausting having insomnia and taking care of a young child. I can deal with it now. I’ve given in. If I wake up early, I get up, get ready and go swimming when the YMCA opens. You would be amazed how busy it is at that time. Mississippi is supposed to be one of the fastest cities in America. Can’t tell it from the long lines at the Y at 5 a.m.

    Back to the insomnia, It’s probably stress but if you have to go to the dr, ask for a thyroid panel. I have some issues with hyperthyroidism and that can cause sleep issues.

    A couple of things you haven’t mentioned for insomnia relief is sex (hey, we’re all adults), yoga, a relaxing bath or shower before bedtime and cutting out all caffeine after lunch. Catnaps=goodness.

    I’m taking an Ambien tonight. I’m charting at the national karate tournament tomorrow. Gotta be sharp for that! It’s going to be a long Saturday.

    Has anyone heard how Luke Perry is doing?

  12. Good sleep hygiene can help. Make sure your bedroom is dark at night (lightproof blinds if necessary), use the bedroom for only sleep and sex, and make sure not to go near your phone/computer/tablet/etc. around bedtime.

  13. Exciting news on those projects, who needs sleep? I’m tired (literally) of getting vague responses from my doc on sleep issues. I do the Carol Burnett method, 20 deep long breaths on the left, then back, then right side along with the Dr. Oz’s kitty cat stretch method, which is to stretch like a cat and yawn to bring on that comfy sleepy feeling. And now I can’t stop yawning at work!

  14. I hate to tell you Joe, but liquor is not good for sleep. No liquor, or caffeine, or eating late. Late would be after supper. I have to tapper off my water drinking too or I will be up all night going to the bathroom. It could just be stress and you have too much to think about right now. Get a massage.
    Also, this weekend, don’t glaze your donut using only one color. Make it look like a real donut. That would be too cute.

  15. So maybe that is why I can’t read well anymore. It started in about 2005 I think (the reading issues) and I thought it was a shift in my brain when I developed auditory processing problems, but maybe it is my chronic lack of sleep.

    I found they are selling L-tryptophan again here in the US. They banned it for the longest time. It’s a good brand name. I found that it worked. For a bit. It allows me to sleep about 4 hours which is better than anything of late. It’s Bluebonnet brand (which is an excellent brand) 500 mg, pharmaceutical grade.

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