New parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation according to a new study.  Does this hold true for elderly pet owners as well?

Protect your dogs from coyotes with these awesome armored vests.

February 26, 2019: News Of Note!

Home A.I.’s with morals – and a direct line to the cops.

Winter is coming.  And so, apparently, are Game of Thrones Oreos.

February 26, 2019: News Of Note!

Also on its way = a beer that takes like Lucky Charms.

February 26, 2019: News Of Note!

Jason Momoa responds to girl who put his shirtless photo on the box of the Girl Scout Cookies she is selling.  He wants a taste.  Preferably shortbread.

February 26, 2019: News Of Note!

Actor Ryan Reynolds getting into character for his upcoming role in Detective Pikachu –

6 thoughts on “February 26, 2019: News of Note!

  1. I’d like to see Lulu and Suji dressed in armored vests, armed with doggy bazooka! :p

  2. “New parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation according to a new study. Does this hold true for elderly pet owners as well?”
    YES it does! Especially as our old ladies used to sleep on our bed – up down up down for the loo and scratching the side of the bed to be lifted up… Fortunately though they normally did that on other half’s side! (They went to puppy heaven a couple of years ago so now it’s just the 3 cats… sleeping on our pillows…)!

  3. The coyote vest is…interesting.

    GoT Oreos? Is that really necessary? I did try GoT beer from Omegang, and that was really good.

    Lucky Charms beer? Just…no.

    Momoas: Very cool, and cool that “the big guy” recognized it.

    I love Ryan Reynolds. I’d be entertained watching him read the newspaper.

  4. They need some hawk proof vests here. 🙁

    Incredible how Jason M. buffed up since Stargate. I bet he doesn’t eat cookies anymore. So sad… 😉

  5. If a coyote is hungry, they’ll get their prey and in the case of the dog with the armored vest, they’ll just go for his poor head. How do I know? Coyotes roam our neighborhoods here at night and many pets go missing forever. Even ones in their own backyards. A neighbor posted on Next Door a picture of a coyote making himself at home in the man’s fenced in (6 foot fencing) backyard in broad daylight. I’ve heard the squeals of an animal that sounded like a cat in heat, went outside to find a pack of 6 coyotes turning down the street in front of mine. Yikes!

    I also don’t believe in the 6-year sleep deprivation. With Patrick it was more like approximately 23 years of sleep deprivation. Do you know how weird it is when he is at his group home on the weekend and we can sleep in? So yes, I totally believe that people who have elderly pets or pets with special needs suffer from sleep deprivation, too.

    I look forward checking out these Game of Thrones Oreos. Apparently I missed the “biggest white stuff in an Oreo cookie ever” that was a limited edition seller around Valentine’s Day. You know it used to be that the stuff in a Double Stuff was what they put in the actual plain Oreo. They had to figure out how to get people to pay more money for less cookies.

    We got Samoas recently from the Girl Scouts and I was thinking Momoa when I saw the name and giggled. We haven’t had Samoas at least half a decade. We could never find a Girl Scout selling them. Someone at Jeff’s work had a kid selling them.

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