Yesterday was, presumably, Part II of II of our couple’s pottery course.  I say presumably because, as it turns out, yesterday’s class didn’t cover the (apparently) all-important art of glazing.  Instead, the day was dedicated to hand-sculpting and trimming.


The artist at work.


Putting the finishing touches on that matcha bowl!


According to Akemi, Nib Nib is a cocoa nib who “couldn’t become chocolate because he was eaten by bug”.

For my part, I decided to really unleash my artistic spirit –


Starro the Conqueror.




Legion of Super-Heroes drink coaster.


And since I discovered we would have to come back to glaze, I thought it only appropriate that I make a donut.



Still, as Ivon pointed out, I could probably do a lot worse than having to accompany my girlfriend to a couple’s pottery class…


16 thoughts on “Pottery II: The Quickening!

  1. Akemi did a great job with her Homer Simpson sculpture in the 3rd frame! A couple more classes and she might be able to create the whole family!


  2. Look at what Akemi did!! A true artist! Once she gets it all glazed it will be beautiful.

    Joe I’m proud of ya. Your work showed so much improvement and imagination. A glazed donut! WHO would have thought of THAT?!

  3. My first thought of your arrival at that other workshop:

    Akemi looks like a natural at the pottery. Yours are some good attempts!! Did you memorize all the Stargate symbols or did you just guess them?

  4. Congrats to Akemi, nice work, and uh Joe,, some say donut, some might say paperweight?!? nice Starro, and stargate…

  5. Is it a Cosmic Donut? Do they have free workshops on it, too? I need to up my dunking game.

  6. Oh I don’t know, the handjob workshop sounds like more fun !

    Now, when you referred to the Quickening I was expecting so see lightning strikes and destroyed pottery after beheading an immortal , no ?

  7. I think it’s GREAT that you let your…artistic? flag fly! Also great, that Akemi decided on traditional and useful items. You have actually inspired me to seek out a pottery class for my girlfriend and I.

    While I’m still trying to figure out what exactly eggplant has to do with a handjob, I am also wondering if it’s the handjob that’s free, or perhaps the handjob workshop that’s free. Or in fact if it is a physical workshop like say, a garage, where handjobs are given freely. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

  8. I am SOOOOO jealous! I love pottery, one of my biggest ‘vices’. I can’t pass up a nice handmade piece when I’m out shopping, and I have always wanted to learn the art, but…alas…I am the Great Procrastinator. 😛


  9. Oo-la-la, is that a working Stargate? Keep it away from Lulu and Suji or they’ll sneak off on intergalactic larks; drinking all that Athosian tea, sparring with the Goa’uld, doubling down on Wraith Blackjack and gnawing puppet Jack to bits. The post glaze reveal is my favorite part; you paint with all those weird off colors, but then it magically color corrects in the kiln.

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