Yesterday was, presumably, Part II of II of our couple’s pottery course.  I say presumably because, as it turns out, yesterday’s class didn’t cover the (apparently) all-important art of glazing.  Instead, the day was dedicated to hand-sculpting and trimming.


The artist at work.


Putting the finishing touches on that matcha bowl!


According to Akemi, Nib Nib is a cocoa nib who “couldn’t become chocolate because he was eaten by bug”.

For my part, I decided to really unleash my artistic spirit –


Starro the Conqueror.




Legion of Super-Heroes drink coaster.


And since I discovered we would have to come back to glaze, I thought it only appropriate that I make a donut.



Still, as Ivon pointed out, I could probably do a lot worse than having to accompany my girlfriend to a couple’s pottery class…


16 thoughts on “Pottery II: The Quickening!

  1. Akemi did a great job with her Homer Simpson sculpture in the 3rd frame! A couple more classes and she might be able to create the whole family!


  2. Look at what Akemi did!! A true artist! Once she gets it all glazed it will be beautiful.

    Joe I’m proud of ya. Your work showed so much improvement and imagination. A glazed donut! WHO would have thought of THAT?!

  3. My first thought of your arrival at that other workshop:

    Akemi looks like a natural at the pottery. Yours are some good attempts!! Did you memorize all the Stargate symbols or did you just guess them?

  4. Akemi<.b> is an artist!

    Yes, there are worse things than a pottery class. 😉

  5. Congrats to Akemi, nice work, and uh Joe,, some say donut, some might say paperweight?!? nice Starro, and stargate…

  6. Is it a Cosmic Donut? Do they have free workshops on it, too? I need to up my dunking game.

  7. Oh I don’t know, the handjob workshop sounds like more fun !

    Now, when you referred to the Quickening I was expecting so see lightning strikes and destroyed pottery after beheading an immortal , no ?

  8. I think it’s GREAT that you let your…artistic? flag fly! Also great, that Akemi decided on traditional and useful items. You have actually inspired me to seek out a pottery class for my girlfriend and I.

    While I’m still trying to figure out what exactly eggplant has to do with a handjob, I am also wondering if it’s the handjob that’s free, or perhaps the handjob workshop that’s free. Or in fact if it is a physical workshop like say, a garage, where handjobs are given freely. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

  9. I am SOOOOO jealous! I love pottery, one of my biggest ‘vices’. I can’t pass up a nice handmade piece when I’m out shopping, and I have always wanted to learn the art, but…alas…I am the Great Procrastinator. 😛


  10. Oo-la-la, is that a working Stargate? Keep it away from Lulu and Suji or they’ll sneak off on intergalactic larks; drinking all that Athosian tea, sparring with the Goa’uld, doubling down on Wraith Blackjack and gnawing puppet Jack to bits. The post glaze reveal is my favorite part; you paint with all those weird off colors, but then it magically color corrects in the kiln.

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