Since this new series I’m showrunning isn’t really mine in the way Dark Matter was, I’m going to refrain from posting any substantive behind-the-scenes teasers and leave it to the gang in PR to offer up fruitful insights into the production.  Well, the gang in PR OR some of you enterprising individuals who have already tracked down specifics on the series (name, production team, and shoot dates Mar 25 – Jun 25/19) and posted the news online.  Kudos on the detective work.  I, however, will remain necessarily cryptic until the grand official announcement.

Until then, here are some frustratingly out-of-context photos from prep…


Former Dark Matter concept artist Bartok Rendulic is at it again.  Decisions, decisions…


Production Designer Ian Brock will literally bend over backwards (and point!) for you.


Series creator/Executive Producer R.T. Thorne weighs in on Set Decorator Andy Loew’s…thing.


That rock facade is coming along nicely.


I asked John, Andy, Kelly, and Cathy to take the friendly, happy, energetic BEFORE picture that I can use to compare to the morose, resentful, weary AFTER picture I’ll take four months from now.


A little trivia about Line Producer Robbie David.  Apparently, he purposely put on a ton of weight before his wedding so that now, while his friends peruse their old photos and lament how far they’ve let themselves go, he can boast “I look so much better!”.

So, what is everyone up to this weekend?  I’ve got a visit to the farmers’ market and a pottery class lined up!

22 thoughts on “February 22, 2019: Gearing up!

  1. Cool! Great to hear more news of that production whose name everybody knows! But, I guess isn’t supposed to yet? Anyway, cool to see a few BTS shots. Of those drawings, #11 is my favourite. It looks like a really tall backpacking stove!

    No specific plans yet this weekend, but I’m thinking I may go for a walk/hike/(snowshoe?) out along the Fundy Trail as it’s supposed to be quite nice out. I hope we get more reports on the pottery class! I’m sure your skill will increase by leaps and bounds.

    Found an interesting website today on the way to looking up something else. I’m sure you don’t use any of these!

  2. More!!! We must know more!!! You can’t just drop subtle hints like this and leave me hanging hyperventes

  3. Oh yes, “Dr Google” sometimes quite resourceful for certain info. XD
    This weekend … gearing up for a 3-in-1 style “food-business-fun/fan” trips!

  4. I enjoyed a collegiate choir concert tonight and plan to go to my weekly “Stitch N Bitch” (yarnworket social) on Sunday. Some clothes decluttering is also on the list.

  5. Yep. Read all about your new show on Twitter today.

    I will be caregiving with my parents this weekend as usual, and keep patiently reminding my 93 year old dad he is retired (50 years ago) and no longer in the Air Force. He insists on driving out to the base to talk to someone about it. I keep telling him they don’t want anybody who uses a walker, wears depends, and needs 2 naps a day. 🙁

  6. YAY! BTS pics! I love that! ^^
    Glad to hear Bartok Rendulic is ack on board! I checked out his Artstation portfolio a few weeks back and there’s plenty of cool DM stuff from back in the days.
    i’m always amazed to see how quickly productions gather a team to work on sets and props. And they built A LOT of things, very fast. Impressive.

    This week end I’ll be working on the colors of my next book, due date is in a month, roughly. I wish I had a team to work on it, unfortunately, it’s just me (and the help of Flora, who’s very much needed this time).

  7. Studying, rugby (Eng v Wales – epic clash), plus I’m going to Wembley stadium to see/hear Brian Cox give a lecture on black holes. I imagine I”ll have a different understanding of dark matter than him.

  8. I see Ikea has the new line of floor lamps out … nice.

    No plans this weekend, other than Fire Tribe on Sunday evening. I bring Larry’s things to give away, and it is nice that his t-shirts and DVDs and such go to friends who loved him rather than the thrift shop. He had small feet, so some of his boots will go to our fire safeties. They’re all women this year, by random chance, and need leather footwear. Perfect.

  9. Have fun in pottery class! Please post pictures.

    I saw on Twitter the new show is called Utopia Falls. Sounds intriguing….

  10. Thanks for the teasing BTS pix. Hope we get to see this one in the UK. Still waiting to officially watch ‘The Rookie’. We’ve got ‘Coroner’. I’m so hooked on this!
    Looking forward to your next pottery foray into spooky kitchenware. I wonder who/what you’re going to make as a companion to Alphonse?

    This weekend? I’m helping teach Archery to a great group of beginners today. It’s so much fun!
    Tomorrow it’s a long walk with my pup and my Mum. Maybe in the afternoon I’ll finally sit down and attempt to make that Raza model I recently purchased. Wish me luck – I’ve been secretly dreading it as I’m pretty rubbish at modeling. I’d just hate to ruin a wonderful memory…

  11. Filming through 6/25 you say? As I mentioned before, my 2 buddies and I will be in Montreal/Toronto 6/6 – 6/9. Maybe we can stop by the set??? Maybe a walk on extra role? 😁 Please, pretty please?

  12. I’m sorry someone did that. I remember guessing that title last year when you were giving hints but kept it to myself and of course I’ve been checking production lists, but only for my own information.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it when you can talk.

    Cheers Chev

  13. Well, hope ya have fun creating new hats and accessories for Alphonse today.
    Unfortunately no rest for the weary here.
    Work. work . work. And, then again, more work this weekend.
    Followed by participation in an informal panel discussion
    Appropriately titled: Epigenetics and Lamarcks Posthumous Revenge, Sunday afternoon.
    Albeit, hopefully I’ll get in a couple good zzzzzz and a nice toasted bagel
    with cream cheese and lox before sunset tomorrow, eh?

    By the way Handsome, before you become too tightly wound, bound and gagged
    in pre production for UF
    or whatever new kinky horror Akemi might have dreamed up to torture you with,
    You might want to steal an hour out of your schedule to go support your buddy
    Ed The Sock who is doing a show with Liana K at Rock Pile, next Friday,
    as he continues his efforts toward A great, big, viciously fat, come back.
    (Providing he doesn’t drop dead from that nasty continuous cigar smoking habit
    or an out of control toe fungus from the continuous wear of his unwashed,
    stinky to high-holy-hell, sock, first!

    As much as I hates ta be the one ta breaks it to ya …..
    ‘Jesus Crisis’ is an actual slang phrase that’s been around for sometime.
    It was fairly popular amongst New York baby boomers
    long before Akemi’s funtastical isms began seismically cracking open the earth beneath our feet.
    Thus, that she made appropriate usage of a slang term you were apparently not aware of
    suggests not that she is still struggling with our language, but more so
    that her grasp of North American speakage is quickly exceeding yours. 😀

    My favorite alternative exclamation whenever I stub my toe or accidentally drop something that spills out all over the floor:
    (((AH! FLUFF-A-DUCK!!!!!)))

    Confession: I’ve come to adore this alternative cussing phrase so very much,
    sometimes I accidentally drop a plate of food or container of milk and watch it splatter all over the floor, simply to have a perfect excuse to spontaneously shout it out loud.

  14. This weekend I’m reading. I beta read for my NE Florida Sisters in Crime chapter members. ( Our new website, but not complete: ) Half of our members are professional writers, mostly mystery/crime fiction. A fourth of our members are fans of our local writers. The rest of our members are writing their first crime story. I have never written a novel, but have written a first draft screenplay and now working on a puzzle book with illustrations, etc. – similar to the puzzles in the “Highlights Magazine” for children. Anyway, after I read the two novel drafts, I will send them each a review, and we’ll discuss options. Some of our seasoned authors can give them the direction they need to take or the people they need to contact.

  15. Fascinating! I enjoyed hunting through these pics for clues, cheers to RT and the team on my new favorite show! That verdant forest and waterfall, the space needles and that desert cavern (aqueduct?) look so cool, more pics please!

  16. You can thank Andrea for giving us the piece of information we needed to figure everything out! I’m so excited.

  17. In some cases I’m a good detective (when it comes down to people research into their pasts); but in this case I am totally clueless.

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