10 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. Brightburn looks really interesting i see this is being touted as a horror movie but maybe this could be a supervillian coming of age type movie and maybe the sequel could be about the superhero and supervillian going at in a very dark horror type of scenario either way I’m definitely watching this one it’s not on the top of my list but definitely interesting also I don’t know if you know but Brad Pitt has got a sci-fi movie coming this summer there’s no trailer yet but he’s making a movie called Ad Astra the premise seems very interesting to me I’m looking forward to the trailer which hopefully should be coming pretty soon I hope.

  2. The only movie I am not keen on is the Hellboy reboot. I love the original. Brightburn looks very intrguing.

  3. It’s still a long way off (November), but I’m looking forward to “Kingsman 3” most of all. I adored the first film, but the second wasn’t all that great. I’m hoping this 3rd, and supposedly final, film captures the magic of the first. If not, I’ll just watch the original yet again.

  4. Of these, I am very much looking forward to Avengers Endgame and Captain Marvel.
    Also looking forward to John Wick 3, XMen Dark Phoenix, and especially Star Wars Episode IX.

  5. Hellboy didn’t need redoing. Ron Perlman was Hellboy! I don’t want to encourage all these needless remakes, so I’ll skip that one. Captain Marvel looks good but I’m curious how they are getting out of that pickle on Avengers, so I picked Avengers.

    Have a good Sunday!

  6. Avengers, of course. Captain Marvel, because Nick Fury cooing over a kittycat is the best thing ever. Dig the Hellboy soundtrack. And Ryan Reynolds? Sure, because weird if fun. Us? Ah, yeah, nope. Maybe.

  7. I picked Endgame, but I’m equally looking forward to Captain Marvel. And several of the others look good.

  8. I have to say I’m not super excited so far.
    I’m curious about Hellboy, even though I don’t care much about it.
    Brightburn and US are very intriguing (I haven’t seen Get Out yet, I know I should.)
    Shazam and Pokemon could be a nice surprise, but honestly, I have no hope.
    Dumbo will be our regular live action Disney remake. Well done, average, not life changing. I doubt I’ll give it my time.
    Sorry for the underwhelmed tone of it all, but I find it tough to get excited by movies these days. TV shows are so much more compelling and satisfying.

  9. I want to see Dumbo but also Captain Marvel but I couldn’t vote for two. I am not a horror fan. I cannot tell you how many years it took me to be able to watch Alien on REGULAR TV with all the bad stuff taken out. Took me much longer to watch the film version. Right now I’m all about How To Train Your Dragon 3. I’ll have to wait until the crowds thin out to take Patrick.

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