Pictured above: Our haul from today’s Winter Chocolate Festival featuring dozens of bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers.

A few old favorites (like Toronto’s SOMA and Victoria’s Sirene) in addition to many new-to-me chocolatiers.  Surprising, not that much Ecuador-sourced bars which have always been my preference, but still a nice variety – and some surprising offerings.

After sampling our way through the entire room, Akemi had such a sugar high that we elected to do the one hour walk home.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer a little insight into what brought you to this blog and when.  Your participation here is both greatly appreciated and highly encouraged.

You’ll all be pleased to here I made some modest progress on my Untitled Awesome Project Pilot, powering through six pages to hit the halfway mark of Act 4.  I still have no idea how and if that fifth act will come together, but there’s really only one way to find out.  And that’s by writing it.

15 thoughts on “February 2, 2019: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

  1. Sounds like all you needed was some time away and some chocolate. Just repeat: The Force is with me; I am one with the Force. (Okay, I’m watching Star Wars, but that’s about all the go get ’em spirit and confidence that you are going to find that elusive fifth act and make it the best episode you’ve ever written.

  2. Oh and, I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 3 today on a special advanced screening and it was the best of the triology. I cried, but the ending was a surprise and it was beautiful and I made me leave feeling happy. It was so perfect. I think we were the only people there without kids tagging along OR teenagers that had come in groups. Oh well. My heart is young.

  3. Glad you and Akemi enjoyed the chocolates!
    Also glad your writing is progressing. You definitely have that 5th act within you.

    When you moved from your house in VC, to your new condo, was divesting yourself of accumulated things part of that? How did you manage it?

    BTW, anyone wishing to add their advice, please do. I’ve finally come to realize I need to move to a less large, less costly home. I have 42 yrs of “stuff”. Yowza…

  4. Whistles innocently, having absolutely not raided Joe’s secret stash of the brown gold. Oh look, what a nice ceiling does this comment section have. Continues calmly walking towards the exit

  5. Heard bad news today. Air Canada will end its nonstop service Toronto—San Antonio on in late April, due to less business than expected in non-peak months.

    I should consider visiting T.O. before May 1st. Could still get there in the summer with connecting flights, but I’m getting older and less adventurous each day. Besides, I’m curious about AC’s service, as it’s often vilified.

  6. @PBmom: Thanks for the HOW TO…DRAGON review. Will recommend to Nephew & try to see it on big screen.

    @2cats: Call estate-sale companies and ask if they also do “downsizing” sales.

  7. That looks like heaven. I’m sure it will all be good eating, but also it is all so good looking and packaged beautifully.

  8. So much chocolate! I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d have to moderate myself though, so as not to wind up with a tummy ache!

    @PBMom – I sometimes go to “kids” movies too, especially Pixar ones. I really only distinguish whether a movie is good or bad, not what marketing tells me it’s supposed to be.

  9. 2cats</b.: It’s a daunting task to downsize but be ruthless. Donate or give things to your kids/relatives/friends. Getting rid of all that baggage is freeing. (painful, at first but freeing)

    Chocolate!!! That would be my dream day. Are you going to do start having the chocolate parties again?

    Do some relaxing this weekend for your brain. Best wishes!!!!

  10. Chocolate is awesome. Progress on the Awesome Project is awesome. This blog is awesome!

    Now I’m eyeing the gold box of See’s truffles I bought for the flight crew. People are not nice enough to flight attendants, so sometimes I give them treats. I don’t even have the ulterior motive of extra snacks or free wine anymore, traveling solo now means first class, just because I have so many travel points annually. They wouldn’t miss the truffles would they?

  11. Watching a Amen video (my recent PBS purchase) regarding food and accompany book “total brain solutions” to improve your memory, I need to change by diet, too radically change, as both he and his wife talk about the benefits of dark chocolate for brain function and enhancement. Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics.

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