Today was an extremely big reading day.  Still, I did find time to get out for some fresh (incredibly cold) air.  Akemi and I grabbed some delicious lunch bao’s at Banh Mi Boys – tofu for her and, of course, fried chicken for me – then walked up to College Street and checked out a coffee shop that specializes in Vietnamese coffee and snacks.  Dak Lak not only offers traditional Vietnamese sandwiches and coffees, but also do something called a Vietnamese Egg Coffee, a regional specialty originating near Hanoi.

They also do a Vietnamese Egg Matcha as well.  On this day, I couldn’t decide, so I elected to get both and share with Akemi who usually isn’t a big fan of the sweeter coffee preparations.  Unfortunately for me on this day, she WAS a fan.  Of both drinks.  And so was I.

It was while we were posting our photos on instagram that Akemi noticed ANOTHER interesting coffee shop located just one block over.  Since we were full, we were decided we’d just stop in and take a peek at the recently opened Answer Tea.  Just looking.  That was the plan.  Until we noticed they do custom photo realistic art on their drinks.  Then, we HAD to have one of their milk teas topped with Suji’s face.