January Recommended Read: The Dreamers By Karen Thompson Walker

A mysterious outbreak strikes a college community, its victims falling into a deep, unyielding slumber. The contagion spreads, the town is quarantined, and those still awake scramble for answers – and survival.

My first great read of 2019!

Beautifully written with a style that embodies an almost dreamlike quality, The Dreamers is part suspense thriller, part contemporary sci-fi, but overwhelmingly a character-driven exploration of how our experiences may or may not shape us, and our reality. Walker tackles some lofty philosophical themes in a provocative, compelling, and incredibly entertaining manner. The spread of the contagion and struggles of the various survivors makes for a fast-paced, mesmeric read, but its when the story shifts to the victims, their bizarre dreams, and what they portend that this novel really transcends expectations.

What happened to these dreamers? What was the meaning behind their varied dreams? I have a theory but, in the interests of keeping this review spoiler free, I’ll hold off on discussing for now.

Lots of wonderful little surprises throughout, with more than a few narrative twists and authorial sleights of hand I never saw coming.

Highly recommended.

Release Date: January 15, 2019.

If you and when you do pick up a copy and read it, swing back here and post your thoughts in the comments section.  Would love to discuss.

4 thoughts on “January Recommended Read: The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

    1. I will say that “falling into a deep unyielding slumber”, at least for a while, sounds very appealing.

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