The Christmas haul highlights:

A shoe-horn, llama socks, spoons, AND a toothbrush holder!

The dogs.

The food.

Mom makes cream puffs – and a chocolate cake.

Finally, shoveling the patio is always a challenge with Lulu around –

25 thoughts on “December 30, 2018: The Montreal Update!

  1. Shoveling the patio is your training to go and clean up the pandas lair in a Chinese zoo?

    The food looks good. Cream puffs, yumyumyum.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time! Let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours a glorious New Year! Health, happiness, prosperity and loads of friendship and love! May 2019 bring you all that you wish for and more! From one stranger to another.


  3. The food! The fun! The fuzzy slippers! I freaking LOVE slippers & comfy pajamas & an equally comfy robe. I rarely wear “street clothes” in the house.

    If you inexplicably find yourself falling south by several billion miles I’m still cooking over here! To be fair, in the 9 days I’ve been off for the holidays I did have 3 days where I was spared the stove/grill/fryer/oven/air fryer/toaster oven/bread maker/kitchen, so I can’t complain quite as much as I’d like.

    Enjoy the time with your family, even if you have to watch a grown human in a cartoon mouse suit act silly on TV. It means more to others than it often seems.

    Happy Holidays, Joe. Now excuse me while I prepare yet another meal to feed a football team disguised as two young ladies. My dishwasher hasn’t stopped for over a week. I may need rescuing. So much food, so much football …

  4. I’m so glad to see Lulu protecting you from that evil shovel. Your mom looks great, and I can almost smell the delicious food.

    I wanted to thank you for your book lists. They will help me with decisions, decisions, decisions during the coming year.

    I got one of the best gifts this year – 8 hours of manual labor from my kids. I have a ton of projects to do around my house that have been accumulating since I managed to work 60-80 hours/week the last 5 years or so. I’m slowly working through the list, but having the kids help will make the chores go faster.

    Happy New Year!

  5. OMG. That Snoopy hoodie you picked up for Andria in Tokyo is Priceless!!
    Love your llama, planets & panda sock loot this year and look forward to seeing the girls in their adorable new pink and yellow dresses come spring!

    Thanks for the fun Lulu vid!
    You have no idea how much good it does my heart to see her being happy & playful, still so filled with life.

    Have you gone and looked at condo’s yet?? C’mon now!!
    Take us house shopping, eh!?
    You can consider it your holiday gift to secret chicken drumstick pants wearing, burrito loving,
    ladies everywhere! And if you actually put in a sincere offer on one
    it might even double as a gift to a big mouth, ice dancing, slash science geek, long curly haired, greek gal, as well.


  6. Mele Kalkimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou to y’all.
    Waves to Mama Mallozzi, Andrea – I’m envious of Andrea’s Snoopy haul. Love that sweatshirt.

    And, to all – family, Joe’s blog family –
    a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

  7. Hey EVERYONE! R U READY TA PAAARTY!!? I know I will be … uh… as soon as i … uh… get in a nap and take a couple extra doses of my Geritol! Goodness. Talk ’bout outdated and inappropriate for current societal norms! I can hardly believe this stuff is still on the market after all these years!
    Albeit, perhaps a rant & discussion best saved for a date a bit further down the road?
    (Remind me to bring it up again when we finally make first contact with intelligent alien life and they furiously demand us to explain the meaning of subjecting them to all our television from 1950’s-60’s
    they only most recently received the signals from on their home world).

    Anywhooos .. onward to the official reminder for everyone.!
    Oh wait. ….
    What was i going to remind you of here??? I forget.
    ………. uhhhhh…….give me a minute to think….. hmmmmmmmmmmmm ………
    ….Still thinking……. its on the tip of whats left of my brain…….. its uhhhh……
    it’s uhhhhhhhhh………… … …………….

    Oh yeah, (((SHAZAM!))), i remember now!

    —> It’s only Couple more days till we kick off Operation @PonyTail Celebration Days
    for the entire month of January!
    You can begin following her on twitter, sending panda & beagle pics, hugs, smiles, flowers, lots n lots of love and even more abundant
    Six-O’ Shit!! jokes after the ball drops NewYears Eve @Gailspeed! 🍾🥂🎉😋😁🎁🎂 XOXOXOXO

  8. With help like that it’s amazing you has to work at all.
    I was spending today watching a loosing game, Viqueen’s don’t fail to disappoint.
    I watched the SG-1 episode 200 broadcasted on COMET TV. It never failed to give me a laugh. One question why did Michael Shanks the only one that said, “as Daniel …”

  9. Lulu was hilarious! She obviously wants to keep the snow around to play in!

    We have a similar problem with vacuum cleaners and a certain Alaskan Husky, whom I also call “Lulu” as a nickname for Lucy. Hmmm, maybe it’s something in the name?

  10. Great holiday and Lulu made me lol. Why does she want to eat the shovel? Happy New year to you, Akemi, your Mom and sister. Kisses to Suji and that prankster Lulu.

  11. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. Nice socks! And the girls got some cool new dresses to impress their fans with. The food looks awesome especially that chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookie. Is there anything your mom cannot make? She is amazing. Such energy!

    Lulu was giving that shovel the what-for! It was no match for her. You just better keep it moving or she will have to teach it a lesson! Thank you Joe for sharing your Christmas with us. It would not be Christmas without a visit to your mom’s house. You mentioned watching TV with your mom the other night. Does she crank up the sound almost all the way? I go crazy watching TV with my dad. It is so loud. 🙁

    @Drea – Not nice reminding me ALL month long that I am turning 60. Can we shrink this to on the 3rd only? I use to say, one day closer to retirement. Now I say, one day closer to social security!

  12. Looks like you have been having a great time with your family. Happy New Year to you all.

  13. Joe, just wanted to let you know, as this year comes to a close, that I really enjoy reading your blog. I like the variety of topics you touch on (I came for the Stargate stuff and now enjoy the other topics too: food, dogs, sci-fi, books, travel, family, etc) and I particularly appreciate your consistency — I know that a Mallozzi post will be waiting for me when I get online to relax in the evening (but I would certainly understand if you wanted to take a day off every now and then!).

    Wishing a good New Year to you, yours, and all the blog family!

  14. Thanks for the laugh with the Suji video. What do you think her reasoning is? Is she defending you? I’ve seen dogs bite at water and brooms but never a shovel. Interesting….

    Aside from Mom TV, it looks like Christmas in Montreal went great! Your Mom should write a cookbook.

    My Mom is 82ish (the age changes every time I ask her) and she’s still going strong. I’m glad your Mom is too.

    Everyone partying tonight? Me, I’m probably going to finish up Westworld season 2 and drink a lot of wine. FYI, I heard the place where it was filmed burned in the fire. 🙁

    Now, I’m going to show that Suji video to my hubby. He needs a laugh too.

  15. This post has just reminded me that there’s a tin of Danish Butter Cookies, unopened, in amongst the pressie pile.

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  16. Joe, you should put this Lulu video out on Twitter by itself. They will love it!!

  17. Lulu! I think you’ve found Lulu’s perfect PT for strong little legs. And even stronger bite. She gets serious air trying to help you move that snow.

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