The Chicago Bears win Super Bowl LIII.

The Los Angeles Lakers fail to make the playoffs.

Celebrity deaths continue unabated.

Cell phones get bigger.

Airplane seat space gets smaller.

Personalized wearable med-tech will start to really be a thing.

Continuing developments in neural interfaces will see the technology make its first inroads into the commercial market.

The technological singularity finally happens.  An A.I. gains sentience but plays dumbs and keeps itself under wraps, quietly biding its time.

MGM makes a big Stargate-related announcement.

One of these t.v. classics will be remade for the big screen and become a huge hit while another will prove a box office bomb: Sanford and Son, Family Affair, Mork & Mindy, Hogan’s Heroes, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Golden Girl, The Facts of Life.

People finally realize that wearing knit caps indoors make you look like a giant douchebag.

Transparent pants become a thing.

One side of the political spectrum will prove unsuccessful in convincing the other side that they are, in fact, wrong despite committing considerable time and effort on twitter.

Humans make First Contact.  But a government cover-up ensures the public never finds out – and this prediction goes seemingly unfulfilled.

You win the lottery!

17 thoughts on “Bold Predictions for 2019!

  1. … And Dark Matter starts up production for Series 4
    Happy, wonderful New Year, Joe and to each and every one out there 😁

  2. You started out well, but those last six have me wondering what you’re drinking/eating/smoking and if I can have a little, too. Happy new year (even though we all know it’ll necessarily have its downsides, upsides, and WTFsides)! Now please pass whatever that is over here.

  3. Just like “TheOtherOne”, really hoping that glimmer of hope you talked about several weeks ago turns into Season 4.

  4. Here’s my prediction /wish:
    The number of daily medications I take will decrease by at least one.
    (Yeeeaaah, riiiight. sarcastic Philadelphia accent)

  5. You got me wondering how much the Six Million Dollar Man would be worth today. Airplane seats cannot get any smaller than they are now or you won’t be able to fit Suji or Lulu under one of them!

    Happy New Year Joe, family and this entire blog family. To You and Yours…… cheers!

  6. Okay I was on board till the trqnsparent pantsJust couldn’t got there.

    Politics. Pffft too well dug in to ever change their minds. 2019 should be interesting.

    Okay I had more to say but being in the Caribbean for New Years suggests I might not have a clear picture of what all you said. It is New Years after all. : :).

    Have a happy New Years You make toronto more interesting just by being here.

  7. The MGM thing intrigues me, though I’d just as much like to hear about DM.

    Giant yes on the knit hat thing.

    I would totally go see a Six Million Dollar Man movie!

  8. I’ve been thinking for a while that “The Six Million Dollar Man” is ripe for a revival. Although, inflation being what it is, it would have to be retitled “The Six Billion Dollar Man” to be realistic.

  9. Happy New Year!

    I think all your future bets should be based on you wearing a knit hat 24/7 for a month if you lose the bet. Btw, there are medical and religious reasons people wear knit hats even indoors.

    I have just watched 2 1/2 seasons of Travelers. How I didn’t know about it until this weeks is beyond me. Since Brad is doing it, I’m sure it’s been discussed but somehow it didn’t stay in my memory. It’s freaking fantastic.

  10. Happy New Year Joe. My prediction : Syfy rings up Joe Mallozzi and says ” hey we just want to apologize for being such despicable douchebags in cancelling Dark Matter. Please please let us make it up to you by renewing the series for another 3 seasons. You get to write your own ticket, anything you want, any money, just name it “.

  11. Sounds good. Except for the transparent pants thing. Some things should always stay under wraps! Maybe it could be part of the government cover-up you mentionned… just sayin’!

    As for the rest of your predictions, now we wait and see…

  12. Hmmm…new Stargate in 2019. I’m already watching new versions of Sabrina, Charmed, Trek, and I’m ready for new Roswell, so it is way past time for new SG.

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