Another whirlwind day in Tokyo following yesterday’s Osaka to Nara to Kyoto to Tokyo jaunt.  We now have approximately two and a half days to squeeze in: Harajuku, Omotesando, Roppongi, Naka-Meguro, and Akihabara.  Looks like Odaiba, Toyosu, and Kichijoji will have to wait until next time.

Akemi has been hankering for some vegetables and so, last night, we checked out a vegetarian restaurant.  With predictable results.  It was a resounding “meh” from me.  Akemi overheard a Japanese couple at a nearby table chatting about the difference between vegetarian restaurants in Japan and vegetarian restaurants outside of Japan.  Outside of Japan, they make an effort to include some sort of protein as part of the meal plan.  In Japan, you’re getting your veggies because – hell – that’s why you came for, isn’t it?  And that’s what we got on this night.

December 3, 2018: Tokyo Day #3!

But the evening wasn’t a total loss.  We swung by a green tea-themed dessert restaurant in the new Hibiya Midtown complex where I enjoyed a super dense matcha cake and ice cream.

Today, I met up with my old friend Tomomi who has moved back to Tokyo following a stint in Vancouver.  We lunched at a little french restaurant in Ometesando called Lature. The multi-course game-themed meal was as inspired as it was delicious.

Even though lunch included dessert, Tomomi knows me too well and took me to the Dominique Ansel in Omotesando where we sampled a dessert medley including the frozen s’more, the cookie shot, and a couple of cakes.  Akemi was all about the frozen s’more while I had to go with their version of cookies and milk

December 3, 2018: Tokyo Day #3!

My food guide on this day – the lovely Tomomi.

For dinner tonight, we took up on hotel concierge on her recommendation and visited Sushi Aoki in the Ginza neighbourhood.  A fantastic and varied array of dishes.

Finally, thanks to a tip from blog regular nantokanaru77, we ended up paying a visit to our old friend Yamasaki-san, formerly of Star Bar, now running things at his own place Bar Goya in Ginza.

Rejoice!  Akemi’s PR card arrived today.  She will apparently be permitted to enjoy adventures in Canada.

As I said – we’re running out of time so we’re going to have to start cramming as much as we can into the remainder of our stay – starting tomorrow with a double lunch at Pizza Seirinkan and the Wagyu Mafia sandwich shop!

9 thoughts on “December 3, 2018: Tokyo Day #3!

  1. I was quickly scanning down thinking, …”but what about the card!! Did you get it?”

    Hip hip hooray!!!!! \o/
    Hip hip hooray!!!!! \o/
    Hip hip hooray!!!!! \o/

    Well done Ivon! Akemi is legal again!
    Now I will go back up and read/look at all the delicious (most of it) looking food! 🙂

  2. We had Ansel’s frozen smore’s and cronuts. it was fine and different. Everything else in their pastry shop is way overated, especially the cakes.
    Next time in Tokyo, go and try BON, it’s a vege restaurant, monk cuisine, 17 courses, not that expensive, absolutely amazing. Nothing like you had there. It’s been our best meal during our trip.

    So much food pics, I’m hungry… >__<

  3. When I grow up I want to go on a foodie vacation to Japan, or Europe, or Iceland, or just around town! Thanks for making me hungry and I’m happy to hear Akemi got her card. Governments move slower than continental drift.

  4. Toyosu market is much less “user friendly” … To me, it feels more like an exhibit than a market, and visitors now aren’t allowed into the intermediate wholesale area, much more restrictive, not to mention getting there is painful too. You are not missing much. I think what’s left of the Tsukiji market still more enjoyable, and I have been hitting there every morning to make my belly happy.

    Yay for the PR card. And … enjoy the expensive sandwiches!

  5. I was recently in Tokyo with my bro and since he had done the research, (and because he didn’t want to use so much money and didn’t like the sound of the places I wanted to go to), we went to more of the everyday family type restaurants. The food was still great (and cheap). When we wanted vegetables, we got roasted sweet potatoes or something with lots of seaweed or red beans. We had a hard time finding any vegetables other than salad for some reason. We also explored a lot of the convenience store food and compared cup noodle flavours between them. Great fun.

    I haven’t checked in on the blog for a long time cos I stopped using my computer and watching TV so much. Lots to catch up on.

  6. The PR card is just a comedy of errors, isn’t it?
    I hope you lampoon the ordeal in your next work.

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