November 28, 2019: Tokyo Ni Touchau!
This way to Tokyo!

A quick blog entry since it’s 8:20 p.m. Tokyo time (but 6:20 a.m. Toronto time) and I feel like I’m back in my college party days – late night exhausted and giddy but, in this case, alcohol-free.  

Our 13 hours flight was uneventful outside of the truly awful in-flight meal.  I honestly don’t understand why they have to be so bad.  In all fairness, I’ve had some mediocre meals while flying but this one was a true cut below.  An assortment of bites alternately dry, bitter, flavourless, and just plain weird.

November 28, 2019: Tokyo Ni Touchau!
WHAT did I just put in my mouth?

We usually fly into Narita Airport which is a 90 minute bus ride to the hotel but, this time, we flew into Haneda and got there in less than a third the time.  We checked in, were greeted by some familiar faces, then grabbed a quick dinner at one of the hotel restaurants (The one where we always grab a quick dinner after flying in.  It’s a tradition!) before heading out for a quick walkabout.

What I love about visiting Tokyo this time of years is how all-out the city goes with its Christmas decorations.  It honestly out-Christmas’s every North American city I’ve ever visited.  All the more impressive when one considers the Japanese don’t really celebrate Christmas.  But, boy, do they do it right!

Tomorrow, it’s soba, head spa, sushi and many many desserts!

17 thoughts on “November 28, 2019: Tokyo ni Touchau!

  1. Crappy food even up there in the nice seats? That’s a disappointment.

    Can’t wait to see all the pics of your adventures tomorrow! Or is that today? So confusing.

  2. Sorry to hear about the crappy meal. But I guess they figure you don’t have many other options. It’s not like you can call for takeout. (File that for a future business venture once rocket boots are a thing.)

    That display is gorgeous!

  3. Long ago, we were traveling to Paris en route to Tehran. Our connecting flight was late into JFK, and we made the gate, but our seats had been reassigned. Dad raised a fuss. The three of us were put into first class. Pan Am 747 back in the 70s first class. I had Lobster Thermidor for supper. Mom stole all the little crystal shot glasses.

    I miss Japanese Christmas cake. Yum.

    Have a good time!

  4. Anybody I know whose gone to Tokyo seems authentically transformed by the experience. In flight meal not included, I guess? Enjoy!

  5. Sorry about your terrible in flight meal, on my flight over T-giving they gave us a biscoff cookie and on the way back zilch. But all of that deprivation made room for days of thanksgiving feasting. Why are pecan pies so devastatingly good? My holiday break is over and I’m acclimating to no longer stepping in Shih-tzu piddle. Won’t miss the niece and nephew snapping and snarling like gators. I miss when they were adorable sweet toddlers.

    I read and re-read this Coyboy Bebop Netflix show blurb thinking I’d see your name attached, Joe.

  6. Thanks for the Christmas pics, I’m looking forward to seeing more . It’s bringing me back to my recent Japan holiday and reminding me of the fun I had there.

  7. Wowza, those are good seats. Is it the section with a bed? Sorry about the meal but you’ll get good eats soon.

    Wonderful video! If they don’t celebrate Christmas, is the season decorations for tourists or just because they like celebrating?

    Great news about the girls settling in with the new sitter! Hope you sleep better tonight.

    Have a great time, post lots of food porn and I hope all your meals are yummy.

  8. Can’t wait for tomorrow !
    Oh wait, I’m not there to have those soba, sushi and many desserts. >__< Bummer.
    Well, I guess pictures will do, then!

    Nice christmas show, indeed.

  9. Apparently the low air pressure in planes deadens the taste buds and olfactory senses which means that food tastes bland. They try to compensate with salt and spice but it doesn’t really work. Air pressure can’t explain bad texture, though! In fairness, I actually quite like airline food. I mostly travel with Singapore Airlines and Qantas and, while it doesn’t compare to something you get on the ground, considering the limited cooking facilities you have on a plane it’s pretty decent.

    Looking forward to some amazing food stories while you’re there. Your trips to Japan are a vicarious pleasure for me!

  10. Enjoying this visit already!
    (except for the crappy airline ‘food’ 😆)

  11. Have you ever flown to New Zealand on New Zealand airlines? The food’s okay, it’s the only one’s who’s food I like. NZers tend to be really fussy when it comes to food even on an airline.

  12. Oh wow. Your Twitter pic of your first Tokyo breakfast looks like you are off and running now!

  13. Glad you made it and whoa!!!! What fantastic seats. I have always said if I ever get a chance to leave this country to go across a body of water I would need sleeper seats. Not sure this is going to happen in this lifetime though. I’m scheduled for yet ANOTHER surgery on Dec 5 and this one is going to have me in the ICU for 2-5 days depending on who you speak to. Meanwhile I felt tissue tear across my foot right in the middle and I know that feeling–it put me in a knee scooter for the tear in my other foot. I just can’t see me on a knee scooter right now so…priorities.

    Love the Christmas lights. I would love to see more videos in the days ahead.

  14. Did you not devour any food / meals at the Air Canada Signature Suite at the airport before your flight?

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