This way to Tokyo!

A quick blog entry since it’s 8:20 p.m. Tokyo time (but 6:20 a.m. Toronto time) and I feel like I’m back in my college party days – late night exhausted and giddy but, in this case, alcohol-free.  

Our 13 hours flight was uneventful outside of the truly awful in-flight meal.  I honestly don’t understand why they have to be so bad.  In all fairness, I’ve had some mediocre meals while flying but this one was a true cut below.  An assortment of bites alternately dry, bitter, flavourless, and just plain weird.

WHAT did I just put in my mouth?

We usually fly into Narita Airport which is a 90 minute bus ride to the hotel but, this time, we flew into Haneda and got there in less than a third the time.  We checked in, were greeted by some familiar faces, then grabbed a quick dinner at one of the hotel restaurants (The one where we always grab a quick dinner after flying in.  It’s a tradition!) before heading out for a quick walkabout.

What I love about visiting Tokyo this time of years is how all-out the city goes with its Christmas decorations.  It honestly out-Christmas’s every North Am