Last night, for the first time in longer than I can remember, I had a full uninterrupted night’s sleep.  I didn’t sleep angled awkwardly like a magician’s assistant in a sword box.  I didn’t wake up with a sore back.  I never once woke up in a panic because a dog was about to be sick or have an accident.

And I hated it!

NOT a fan of this dogless existence.

On the bright side, I woke up to the following text from our dog sitter this morning

“Morning Joe!
Lulu & Suji did very well overnight, they went right to bed after settling in and slept throughout the night. We went out this morning and both girls peed and pooped outside! After Suji peed (she peed right after Lulu peed) her bladder was quite small so I didn’t express her manually. They ate breakfast like champs!”

Peed and pooped!  Outside!!!  WE don’t even command that kind of respect from our dogs.

Anyway, Akemi and I are off to Japan today, our first trip in two years.  We look forward to checking out the familiar sights, hitting some familiar places (Butagumi, Pizza Seirinkan, Hattendo, the Mori Art Museum) and new spots (Wagyu Mafia sandwich shop!).  

I have also loaded up on digital books for the flight.  Figure I can get 2-3 read enroute which should put be well within my 365 titles target range –

November 27, 2018: Japan-bound!

While away, I’ll be missing out on the final week of the fantasy football regular season.  I’ll do my best to track my players and make the appropriate line-up changes despite the time zone difference.  Still, my Snow Monkeys have made the playoffs in both leagues.  Now it’s just a matter of wrapping up those first round byes!

November 27, 2018: Japan-bound! November 27, 2018: Japan-bound!

Other than that, good to go.  Just cleared out my carrying case and, on Akemi’s insistence, tossed out a few items I no longer use including this charging cable I still feel could be of use –

November 27, 2018: Japan-bound!

But there’s no point arguing with Akemi.

Alright!  Off to prep for that 13 hour flight.  Moving forward, the posting times may be a little erratic on this blog, but I’ll be keeping you updating on all of the Japanly happenings.  Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “November 27, 2018: Japan-bound!

  1. I kind of figured the pups would do fine in your absence. I’m more worried about how YOU will do! LOL I can relate because it’s kind of the same as when I take the birds to my nephew’s place to watch them while I’m away. I worry and fret about how they’re doing and when I call home to check, they’re all – “Oh, they’re doing great!” Um, okay then. 🙂

    Dude. That cable. Throw. It. Out.

    Have a great trip and I’m looking forward to the updates!

  2. I always get the time mixed up. Are you going forward in time or back in time? I think back in time. Have a great trip.

  3. I’m glad you slept through and Suji and Lulu are doing well.
    Remember your charging equipment for phones, laptop, etc. And converter adapters!

    I hope Akemi and you have a wonderful trip filled with great activities, food and happy folks. Your pups will be fine.
    Travel safely and share your photos.

  4. Sounds like the girls are doing well and you needn’t worry about them while away.
    19 books in 34 days (even allowing for your trip) should be a walk in thew park for you.
    I did laugh at 346 books out of 100 though!
    Have a good trip.

  5. Ah, that magnificent 13 hour flight. Too bad you will never get the awesome experience of an every seat filled Patriot Express bringing military members and their dependents to Yokota air base. Every first class or business seat removed, all coach. Crying babies and running kids. I loved the one where the attendants were on strike; we were handed a box lunch and well wishes. The toilets overflowed. I think someone was shoving diapers down them.


  6. Your first paragraph – priceless!!
    Know those feelings ‘having to share’ my bed with two cats and a dog. They’re all fairly young and fit so don’t yet have the sickness panic but the explosive cat sibling fighting or the agitated window barking at the foxes who wander down my street, is of a similar vain. Bless ’em. They are all up there now, sleeping on/in the bed, warmed by the electric blanket. I guess there’ll be a small section I can cozy into….

  7. Are we in Tokyo yet? 🙂 Hopefully your plane trip is going smoothly and the news from home is making you smile.

    Hey, I was going to say I could use that charger as mine just got broken, but, um, upon further review, never mind.

  8. My condolences to you and Akemi on the loss of her father. May his memory be a blessing.

    Have a wonderful trip. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great food and interesting places.

    Safe travels!

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