Well, our second to last mail day in Canada has come and gone and still no sign of Akemi’s new PR card.  It all comes down to Monday because, Tuesday morning, we’ll be catching the early flight to Japan.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, we’ve been trying to get this damn card renewed for over a year now but have continually run into bureaucratic capriciousness and ineptitude that has required us to resubmit our application no less than SIX TIMES.  The latest, our second URGENT request was, according to their offices, finally approved, processed, and mailed to us – over three weeks ago!  Yes, one could blame the ongoing Canada Post labor dispute for the failure to show, but the fact that our request was marked URGENT and these brilliant bureaucrats mailed it out anyway, in the midst of a mail carriers’ dispute, when they could have simply offered us the option of picking it up speaks volumes.  If they were employees of any other company, they would been long dismissed for the half-ass quality of effort they provide, but because they’re government employees, they get a pass.

If the PR Card doesn’t arrive on Monday, we’ll have one of two options…

1: Leave Ivon the mail key in the hopes that the card finally does arrive while we’re in Japan and then have him Fed Ex it to us so we can travel back to Canada.  Of course,  this assumes that the card IS actually on its way, there will be no further delays, it hasn’t been lost, or we haven’t been lied to about it being processed.

2: Upon our arrival in Japan, make an immediate application for a PR Travel Document that will allow us to travel back without an updated PR Card.  The only risk with that is the turnaround.  The application is sent to the Canadian embassy in Tokyo and they send it to the appropriate department – which, for some reason, is in Manilla.  Then, once it has been approved in Manilla, it is sent back our way.  On average, the process takes about a month.  Urgent requests can, theoretically, be turned around quicker – but probably not within the eight day window of our stay.

I have tried contacting the appropriate department to inquire about what can be done.  Yes, the existing PR card expired late last year, however a quick online check should confirm the card has been renewed.  We even have a government email confirming as much.  But this, apparently, is not good enough.  Their unhelpful response is to contact them if we don’t receive our new card within six weeks of it being mailed out (!).

I have a few other things to rant about, but this one is top of the list.  I’ll set the other annoyances for the time being and hope they resolve themselves while I’m away.  If they drag on beyond my return, it’ll be time for some tough love – or, barring that, a little getting out while the getting’s good.

Tonight, we are off to watch the premiere of Rob Cooper’s Unspeakable mini-series.  There’ll be a reception after the screening so looks like I’ll be out way past my 10 p.m. bedtime!

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  1. As a former federal employee, this situation completely embarrasses me. I would never have found this acceptable in the area I worked in. I do have a rant of my own about how things have come to this point in the civil service. It took about 10 years if that gives any clue.

    Anyway, try to have a good time at the screening. I hope Monday brings that card!

  2. I would have hoped that the Canadian Bureaucracy was more like the British version. Still a bureaucracy, but mostly getting things done though somewhat slowly. However, it seems more like the French or Italian versions, complete with public sector strikes timed to have the most impact on the public.

    Here’s hoping that odds against odds that Akemi’s new PR card arrives tomorrow and cuts some major stress out of your trip.

  3. @gforce—Were you a Canadian or USA fed?

    I was USA fed for nearly 10 years, married to USA fed retiree. The few Canadian feds I’ve met have had same complaints we had…tasked to do too much with too little support (inadequate budget, supplies, personnel).

    Same where you were?

  4. I am sick for you. You better just go with plan B and C or D, because you know that card ain’t comin’ on Monday. Damn.

  5. That situation has to BITE big time.

    If I were you I’d be planning a retaliation of a idiot villain who harbors all the traits of someone who intentionally creates this type of bureaucracy.

  6. That sounds like a mess. Saying a prayer that everything works out for the travel. I hope Unspeakable is well received. Looking forward to seeing it if it becomes available on something I can watch (maybe Netflix?). Keeping good thoughts for you guys.

  7. Oh yes, bureaucracy and the public service. Self serving and of no real use to anyone. In these attributes, it comes second only to our “Law and Justice ” system

  8. Hoping the card arrives on Monday for Akemi.

    As an Immigration Officer in Ireland 🇮🇪 I unfortunately come across these problems but here we try to ensure that the applicants needs are met with a quick solution

    As you are both heading to Japan, the relevant office is aware of this situation. However, any papers you hold confirming the issue of the card bring with you to show immigration officials.

    Also Contact the relevant office on Monday requesting a letter be e- mailed to you confirming that the card was posted and the date of postage, giving all the relevant details regarding Akemi’s current LEGAL status. ,Also request that a copy of the PR card be forwarded with this e-mail to you and is signed by a manager. This way you will have a COPY of her current permanent residence card. Hopefully, this can be done.

    If you also wanted, you could supply me with the name & # of the person dealing with the case & I can possibly attempt to contact them & speak as an imm officer to another I O in the hope that some favorable movement may be made in respect of Akemi’s receipt of card.

    Lastly, my mobile # is 011 353 1 879492403 & upon reentry the customs official can contact me & I can explain the situation to him in the hope that as a member of the immigration family we can possibly discuss the situation & allow Akemi to reenter Canada 🍁

    Hopefully, the card will arrive on Monday.& I hope both you & Akemi have a great holiday in Japan.

  9. Sorry to hear. Dealing with the government is frustrating indeed. Had my fair share of it. 🙁
    Still hoping it’ll turn out fine for you both. Anyway, enjoy your trip, enjoy few drinks at your favourite star bar in Tokyo and perhaps also Yamazaki san’s new bar in Ginza. If I see you in Japan during my stay there, I’ll say hi … 🙂

  10. There’s always a sigh of relief when I see a package mailed to me via UPS or FedEx. Our local USPS is lackadaisical. Even with a tracking number, there’s no guarantee it will find the correct address.

    My passport was mailed without any tracking number and through USPS. That’s crazy in today’s world of identity theft. I would have paid extra for a more reliable delivery. Is there anyway to personally pick a new PR up?

    Fingers crossed, prayers sent and I’m wishing you lots of luck!

    Oh and I hope the premier went smoothly. I wish Mr. Cooper success on his new project!

  11. @Mark Bunbury: Greetings from former USINS staffer (and wife of USINS /USCIS retiree). Sounds like we could compare some stories. 😎

  12. This is bonkers. What an amazing piling of incompetence. This is so damn infuriating to be trapped into these unbelievable Brazil-like schemes.

  13. I would actually classify this situation as WORSE than Brazil; because (here in the Nordeste) corruption can work in your favor if you know someone.

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