Well, the results are in on my multiple shower polls and, I have to tell you, they’re equally unsurprising and only moderately interesting!

Approximately half the respondents take morning showers, while the other half take night showers.

A slight majority, roughly 57%, do not wash their hair every day.

An almost equal majority, 59%, do not condition their hair every day.

Most prefer the traditional 45 degree angled shower head (50%) over the rain shower (28%) or the hand-held shower head (22%).

Only about 29% of respondents said they take baths.

So, what are we to make of this data?  More or less nothing, but it’s always great to get everyone weighing in with an opinion on something.

Next hard-hitting poll –

I’d have no trouble dropping zucchini.  And, frankly, lettuce could follow it out the door.  You?


18 thoughts on “November 16, 2018: The Results Are In!

  1. Zucchini- meh.

    Lettuce – a zero nutrition waste of money, really. And I remember reading it’s one of the biggest environmental impacts of any farmed product since it takes so much land and water, and so much of it is wasted.

  2. If you would have listed brussel sprouts, I would have voted multiple times. I just can’t acquire the taste of them. Zucchini is great baked as a bread. It’s more like a cake, so I don’t know why it’s just not named zucchini cake. I add pieces of chopped walnuts and apples to it when I bake it.

  3. I picked lettuce only because I’m choosing to believe you mean one particular variety of lettuce, not all the lettuce-like leaves found in salads.

    BTW, a poll asking us to cut out a food is just mean, man!

  4. Strictly speaking, mushrooms aren’t vegetables because they are not plants. They are a fungus.

  5. You zucchini haters obviously have never had fried zucchini. Prepare it like fried okra, fry it golden dark brown and OH MAMA is it good!!

    Mushroom is good but that got my vote as I could still be very happy without it.

  6. Broccoli is my nemesis. It’s the bane of my veggie side choices at almost any restaurant you go to today.

    Why did broccoli become the “must-have” veggie? It’s the pistil of a cabbage plant! Why is that attractive? I say leave the cabbage to reproduce in peace. It only gives me gas anyway.

    Barb’s response to my Broccoli tirade is to call Broccoli “nature’s broom”, which I suppose is an appropriate affectation for something which acts like the medicine they give you before a colonoscopy.

    I’ll gladly take collard greens before I ever touch another cabbage’s pistils. Pile on the mustard greens! Lay on the turnip greens! But leave the cabbage’s reproductive organs alone!


  7. Broccoli. That stuff is vile! Mushrooms can follow as a quick second. Bleh. The texture of those things is nasty.

    @26menge l- I’m with you on the brussels sprouts. Those things are even more vile than broccoli.

  8. @Ponytail:

    I’m with you on the fried zucchini. Add a little garlic salt and fry to golden brown…no batter needed.

  9. Onion. Definitely Onion.
    Post BrainTumour Removal, my tastebuds curiously changed, and I had to basically relearn what I can and can’t eat.
    Onions are now on my “make me wanna chuck” list, and must be avoided at all costs.
    Especially Scallions (Spring Onions) which is super annoying.

    So, yeah, not out of choice, but Onions would not be missed.

  10. I could never go without zucchini. My grandma and I make zucchini bread every year with the zucchinis from her garden. Definitely never eat broccoli though.

  11. Zucchini is so versatile! I mean there’s Zucchini slice, Zucchini Bread & Fritters. They are quite delicous sliced and pan fried with a little salt. You can scoop out the inside and stuff them with delicious fillings and bake them in the oven. Steamed/boiled dressed with garlic, salt and pepper…. mmmmmm

    Lettuce is just useful for Salad…and you got to eat it quickly other wise it’s limp and soggy and blahhh

  12. Lettuce has, for the most part, been eliminated already from my list of veg I use. It has been replaced by spinach or kale. As for zuchinni, it likely will stay in my list of ingredients to use. It is so versatile from a raw snack to being used as the main ingredient in a bread…oh and we use a zoodler and make zuchinni noodles. Cheers!

  13. Frankly all vegetables can go away. Can’t stand the things unless they’re chopped up finely and cooked until they disintegrate. But since I could only choose one I chose mushrooms. Vile slimy slugs!

  14. Potato, because I already cannot eat them. Sweet potatoes are okay though, can they stay? If not, then lettuce it is. My gut hates lettuce now. They keep taking pieces of my intestines away. That can’t be good.

  15. I guess you don’t like lettuce wraps? Asparagus upsets my stomach, so that is first on my “veggies that should be banned” list. Sweet potato is a close second. I can eat S.P. if I have to but it’s not my favorite.

  16. Have you ever tried zucchini tempura? Or a vegetarian burger with a thick slice as the meat substitute? Or maybe shred it and mix it with oatmeal, ground turkey and Hoisin sauce to make a nice moist meatloaf???

    Any reason why:
    Okra, Brussels sprouts, Lima beans, Asparagus, or Shell/split pea (The kinds with inedible shells NOT the sweet peas like snow or snap peas) are not on your list?

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