Well, the plan was to go catch Venom today, but I got waylaid by a last-minute rewrite, a few apartment chores, and notes…that I waited around for but never came 🙁   And so, in the end, I elected to just sit on my couch and finish Jonathan French’s The Grey Bastards, a rollickin’ foray into grimdark, one of my favorite fantasy releases of 2018, and my 316th book read this year.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like I’ll reach my insane 365 in 365 target but who knows?  I figure I can get through at least three or four books during the flight to Tokyo!

The preliminary overview for Untitled Awesome Project will be going out tomorrow with a place-holder title.  I, personally, love Untitled Awesome Project.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch THAT?  But it has been suggested to me that, in all likelihood, somewhere down the line, someone is going to ask us to change it, so best to start generating possibilities now.  I came up with about a half dozen I kind of liked.  Not sure what we’ll end up with, but I’ll let you know the titles that didn’t make the cut.  They should give you hint as to what I’m working on.

Oh, I’m also working on the show I’m working on.  With Episode 1 done (for now), I’ve moved on to Episode 3 and written the tease.  I’m hoping to deliver a first (and possibly second?) draft by the time I’m Japan-bound.  Then, after that, it’s rewrites and prep as we barrel towards production like a runaway locomotive.

Hey, great to see two long-time blog regulars, Jeff and Gary, on their recent swings through Toronto.  Suji and Lulu were especially thrilled to catch up!

11 thoughts on “November 6, 2018: All aboard the runaway locomotive!

  1. I really do hope that UAP gets to production and we can see it on screen! I’m sure it will be awesome.

    Great to see you guys too! Give Lulu and Suji some extra hugs for me.

  2. Um, would one of the proposed titles for “Untitled Awesome Project” happen to be “Dark Matter: The Final 40%”???

  3. “Hey, great to see two long-time blog regulars, Jeff and Gary, on their recent swings through Toronto. Suji and Lulu were especially thrilled to catch up!”

    What, no pictures?

  4. Give me a shout if you need character names. I still have some good ones in the family history.

    First cataract surgery in about ten hours. See you all, and see you BETTER, on the other side!

  5. I think “Untitled Awesome Project” has a definite Douglas Adamsesque quality to it. I can imagine UAP careening forwarding with a superlative cast, deep yet humorous scripts and dodgy lighting.

  6. I’m not exactly a blog regular on the comments field, but I read the blog daily and I own a signed Dark Matter script due to my dog picture matching prowess. As I mentioned awhile back, I’m planning a trip to Toronto to see a baseball game in June next year and you guys are welcome to join me and my two baseball buddies!

    We are also planning on going to see a light and music show at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. So food recommendations for both cities are very welcome. I’m already planning on hitting Burgers priest.

  7. I’m sure whatever title you choose it will be wonderful.
    Looking forward to enjoying the new story, whenever you are ready to share it.

  8. To Hell with the naysayers. UNTITLED AWESOME PROJECT is an AWESOME title. So original, that people will be forced to watch.

    So what is your reaction when you don’t receive the notes you waited for all day? “Hey asshole! I waited for these notes all day. Don’t you think I have anything better to do?” Or more diplomatically “Oh hey, thanks! I forgot you were supposed to send these YESTERDAY.”

  9. Hey Joe, it was great seeing you all too! And as always, Suji and Lulu were great at catching up.

    Since then, I’ve continued my traveling with trips to Detroit, Manhattan, Kansas, and Olathe, Kansas, finally getting home late last night. I was hoping not to travel again for a while, but I already see some California and Quebec shaped clouds on the horizon…

    And, hey! We need to see a whiskey review sometime! 😉

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