These were my favorites…

Avengers Halloween Special #1 (cover art by Geoff Shaw)

Black Panther #5 (cover art by Daniel Acuna, Paolo Rivera)

Multiple Man #5 (cover art by Marcos Martin)

Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 (cover art by Alexander Lozano)

Weapon X Vol. 4: Russian Revolution (cover art by Rahzzah)

What If? Magik #1 (cover art by Jeff Dekal)

So, which were your favorites?

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Happy Halloween!

Black Panther.

And The Best Halloween Costume Ever
Award goes to ……………

The cos player n the photo link below
is a framed Picasso painting.

One of our learning community members posted it today.
Wish they had credited the artist and model.
Its truly amazing work.
Cant even begin to imagine how long it took them to create this!
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Avengers Halloween Special and What If? Magik #1

Rebecca Sims
Rebecca Sims

My favorites are 1) Avengers Halloween Special and 2) What if? Magik.


This is honestly a hard choice, but if I had to pick two they would be “Avengers Halloween Special” and “Tony Stark: Iron Man”. I should read more, you should watch more TV. TV today, in my humble opinion, is a much better place to get good storytelling than any film.

I used to read voraciously, though not at “Joe” levels, but hardly do now. I miss that and I miss it being a ritual I would look forward to where I’d leave this world for the book’s. Somewhere in the process of raising kids it was a habit and a love I lost. I gotta get it back.


decisions,, What if? Magik #1, then Weapon X vol.4, the one guy almost looks like a wraith. sigh missing some stargate I guess……


Black Panther, Iron Man, Weapon X. All very cool!

Margaret Clayton

Avengers, Magik, and Iron Man take my interest this week. Nice.