I’m pleased to report that you needn’t worry about me and, specifically, my right shin.  According to the doctor, it’s a bone bruise that should clear up in 3-4 weeks.

Unless, of course, it’s a stress fracture.  In which case I’ll be in a walking boot until it clears up – in 3-4 weeks.  But we won’t know for sure until he receives the x-ray results  early next week.

Guys.  Guys!  We did it!  We have a first draft of our series opener.  Almost.  This weekend, my partner in crime (also writing and hip-hop) will review what we have, make the necessary changes, and deliver it on Monday.  Meanwhile, Courtney is going to draft on Episode 2.  I’ll be switching off to revise the outline for Episode 3, while Alejandro and Nicole do the same for Episodes 4 and 5.

Also next week, I start work on Untitled Awesome Project.  I had a great meeting with the gang on Thursday and everyone is very excited to move forward.  We discussed the overview, tone, themes, and possible landing spots for the series.  As I said, if you enjoyed episodes like Dark Matter’s All The Time in World and Isn’t That A Paradox, or Stargate’s Window of Opportunity, and Wormhole X-Treme, you’re gonna love it!

Thursday was a busy day.  In addition to the writing and the meeting, I also had a call with a comic book company about the possibility of collaborating on an original comic book series along the lines of what I did with Dark Matter.  I”ll take the next couple of weeks to fine-tune my pitches (I have three!) and deliver them in early November.

And…other stuff.

So, what are your weekend plans?  Do you usually follow routine or are you spur-of-the-moment types?

20 thoughts on “October 19, 2018: The Plans! The Plans!

  1. All awesome news. If I get you right, timeloop episodes/sci-fi comedy, are favorites of mine.

    I live by a routine, like an good robot. I hope to be able to write everyday and if I can do that and keep my wife happy, then life is good. Have a great weekend.

  2. I can’t wait for UAP to become Project You Can Name! I already think it’s going to be my favorite show.

    Most weekends for us are spent doing gardening, yardwork, & housework, then deciding if we have enough life in us to do something on Sunday. Sometimes we go out to see local landmarks, sometimes we’ll drive an hour or so out of town, other times I sit in my recliner & play video games all day while my wife watches. I like FPS & sniper games so she’s my spotter when I get tunnel vision in the middle of a firefight.

    I married a woman who wants, and often asks, me to play video games so she can watch. I have no cause to complain (yet I still do).

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! (the boot sucks slightly less than a cast, as one recovering from fracturing both tibia & fibula…)
    Spur-of-the-moment, when not housebound or working. 😉

  4. Well, I hope it’s “just” a bruise. Even that can be super painful.

    Congrats on getting that first draft done! Before you know it, this thing will be in production.

    I have to admit, I can’t remember which one UAP was among all the other marbles, but good to hear things are in motion.

    As far as my weekends go, it depends on the weekend. Usually pretty spur of the moment, I suppose. This weekend, I’m preparing the house for an open house showing on Sunday, and also on Sunday I have a choir practice – we’re preparing to perform Fauré’s “Requiem” in November. Beautiful piece of music.

    The last part of it – my favourite part of the whole thing!

  5. Glad to hear your leg injury isn’t serious. As for weekend plans….my grandchildren are visiting, plus we have 2 fundraisers to attend and support. Mostly, we are spur of the moment, but occasionally we make plans. I also need to write lesson plans for school.

  6. Fingers crossed its just a bruising you were cruising. Being partly in the country, my plans revolve around the weather i see when i wake, rather than what’s shown on tv as with all their new tech, they seem to get it wrong more frequently than not these days.But as long as it’s not raining, i’ll go out for a walk towards tin mines near me, or have a drive to local woods or cliffside walk.I’m a creature of habit but i never tend to rely too much on a plan.

  7. How on earth are you going to manage multiple shows? Now that I think about it, after all these years, I’ve come to see that you are some secret superhero with powers of writing, show running and eating beyond a normal human being. Sorry about your shin though.

    Not a weekly routine for me this week, but my yearly trip to Vancouver. Starting my drive up tomorrow and into Canada by Sunday. I use to love the drive, but lately my old creaky body isn’t so willing. Looking forward to seeing some friends and enjoying some rain. We haven’t had any since May here in SoCal.

  8. Sounds like smooth sailing ahead!

    We’ve just had double glazing installed so my weekend will be spent sanding and painting architraves. It’s just the sort of rock and roll lifestyle I live.

  9. Great news about your leg not being broken! I’ve noticed as we get older that most of our injury stories are getting lame. Even in karate class, it’s something like “I broke my toe on the mat”. One guy told me his back went out when he turned over in bed. As a writer, I think you should create a better story than, “I bumped into the bed frame”. 🙂

    Oh,and I admire Akemi’s ability to sleep through that. I hope she stays a sound sleeper throughout her life. I have a friend with narcolepsy. When she gets the flu, she can choose to sleep through it. She can only drive 10 miles from her house but pros and cons…

    As for our weekend plans, I was hoping to go see our local ZooBoo event tonight.

    Congrats on the new show!!! I can’t wait to see it. 🙂 Hope your bday weekend is splendid!

  10. the Chiitan video
    ja, after my accident and first visits back to LifeTime Fitness that was what I was afraid of when I looked at and thought of getting on the treadmills

  11. Good! Glad it’s nothing serious and we still get to go to Japan! 😁 I am doing 24 hours of parental caregiving this weekend. I’ll be wore out by Sunday night. Lucky I’m retired and don’t have to go to work Monday.

  12. I was always a ‘spur-of-the-moment’ type, but recently I’ve become quite the opposite. Since I started back at college for my 4th year and got myself another job, I find myself falling into routines I never thought possible. And I don’t feel like leaving that routine any time soon… In-fact anything out of my routine gets me angry! I think I might be a workaholic, Help!

    When it comes to food though I am still very ‘spur-of-the-moment’, I have a craving and pursue it.

    Very exciting news about the series, it seems like Season 1 is souring into existence. I can’t wait to feast my eyes on the fruits of yourself and your team’s work.

    But I have to say, nothing has me quite as excited as the Untiled Awesome Project. I enjoy watching a verity shows but it all comes back to my favorite shows like Stargate which I religiously re-watch biennially. I’m hoping… scratch that. I’m certain this will be another to add to my list like Dark Matter was. I have the utmost faith in you. Have a nice day!

  13. My weekend plans? O’ goodness. Such a silly question, eh!?

    I am, of course, in the process of setting up a ‘trust’ with a financial attorney,
    interviewing prospective body guard candidates
    and doing a bit of online shopping for an impenetrable wall safe,
    so my identity will be protected and I wont have to worry quite as much
    about my prize ticket being stolen
    when I win the 1.6 Billion Dollar Mega Millions JackPot this coming Tuesday.

    Isnt everyone? 😀

  14. Untitled Awesome Project sounds Awesome! So much yes.

    Hip-hop? I shudder to think.

    No plans. I was supposed to go to the Infinite Possibilities Expo, a ride was arranged, but I just can’t. I always went with MyLarry and I think I would lose it far too publically. So I am wallowing, chipping away at chores, and watching the Marvel Thor and Avenger movies repeatedly. Loki cheers me up for some perverse reason. Did a little hand sewing. I am making blog entries again, on review, damn, I’m a soggy mess. I know, it is a process. I hate it.

    Update on the GoFundMe fraud/theft: a police report has been filed, it has been forwarded to the prosecutor to see if the case has merit. GoFundMe has a copy, and are reviewing it. Many donors received refunds; I should receive the funds not returned eventually. Fire Tribe, the fire performance group Larry and I participated in, has deep-sixed Tyler and Jaycee; they are unwelcome at any future events. I deeply appreciate their support.

  15. That’s great to hear it’s just a bone bruise (but bone bruises are definitely extremely painful). Hopefully you won’t need a walking boot. Congrats on the first episode draft. The UAP sounds interesting; can’t wait to hear more and congrats on that. Wow! You have a lot of things going on. Comic series sounds great too and the way you describe it is right up my alley.

    Weekend plans were: Rest when I can, take care of everything that got put on hold, shred documents. Then Sunday evening things turned very rapidly. We thought Patrick’s move to the group home was now going to wind up being after the 1st of the year because of issues with the house and the other resident needing a wider wheelchair to get around and therefore modifications needing to be made in the house for him. It gets complicated. The program director is leaving on November 2 to go take care of her aging parents in Florida and there is no program director hired to take her place yet. So I told her that I know back in August we said that we will be patient about the group home, but my medical emergency kind of changed that whole thought process. I mentioned that I didn’t know how long Jeff could keep up what he was doing and I didn’t know how long it was going to be before I could actually drive for 50 minutes one-way (and there are 4 one-way segments per day). I am just now getting to a 5-8 mile drive one-way. I also told her I didn’t know how much longer Jeff’s employer was going to be okay with this work arrangement he has had to make. November 1 will be two months since my surgery. I am hoping to start PT next week.

    So Sunday evening she sends me an email that the modifications would only take 2-3 days (and I was under the impression previously that it was a 4-6 week thing), and that she would like to get both Patrick and the other man moved in to the home before she leaves on Nov 2. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now we are scrambling to get things he will need. My friend said he could help Jeff move things over there. Jeff needs to paint his room before he moves in. The director from Patrick’s autism school is going to help get him settled but she isn’t available every day.

    Here comes the big crazy. Jeff’s brother with glioblastoma is not doing well. I can’t be left alone with Patrick because of his seizures (and because I can’t drive him to day hab, but its more about the seizures). Patrick had a seizure last week and I could barely hold him upright until Jeff ran in to take over from another room. I actually think I hurt myself because I’ve had some strangely located pain that started the day after. The doctor on Friday said that I shouldn’t expect to be able to do that for at least 6 months until I’m entirely healed. My sister is about to go into a convent to become a nun (not joking; it’s been a lifelong dream of hers she is finally pursuing). She planned to fly in to see me before that happened because she hasn’t visited me here since 2005. I went to visit her in 2011. We felt that this would be a great opportunity for Jeff to take a quick trip to see him since I’ll have someone here to help. So my sister flies in Nov 4 and Jeff basically gets her, brings her home, and then takes an Uber back to the airport. Then he will be there until Tuesday and he flies back and gets in in the evening. Then my sister leaves Nov 7 in the morning. At this point, I don’t know if Patrick will be here or not and if he isn’t, then those days he is gone I am not going to be able to get over to the group home to help transition him.

    After the big deal I made about the group home and getting him into it sooner, I don’t dare change any plan that will set in motion. So its pretty crazy here.

  16. @maggiemayday I am so sorry you were victimized like that during a vulnerable time in your life. What the hell is wrong with people. Glad you might be able to get a resolution, but I hope the person has to serve time in jail.

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