I was stumbling back from the bathroom in pitch darkness when my shin connected with the bed frame with such force that I thought I actually moved the damn thing.  But no.  Akemi was still fast asleep.  Not a surprise.  She is, after all, a notoriously sound sleeper, snoozing through everything from doggy accidents to car alarms.  But the next day, she asked me if I’d run into the bed.  “Oh, you WERE awake,”I said.  Turns out, no. She just noticed the dried blood on the frame.

The impact had left a nasty bruise and slight indent that I treated with polysporin and hope, then thought nothing of it.  In the ensuing weeks, I did A LOT of walking.  To the writers’ room and back.  To the grocery store and back.   To the dog park and back.  And I started to notice a certain pain that I initially attributed to shin splints.  Further (internet) research suggested that what I had initially assumed to be a shin splint is probably a stress fracture, and the only way to relieve a stress fracture is rest.  I need to keep off it – which is, as it turns out, easier said than done.  This was made abundantly clear yesterday after, a day of meetings had sent me zigzagging across the downtown area, I returned home late last night to pain, swelling, and a girlfriend insisting I get it checked.

So, tomorrow, at noon, I get it checked out.  I’ve got a little over five weeks before my Tokyo trip and have to be fully healed before then.  I average around 25 000 daily steps on my Tokyo travels and I can’t afford to be hampered by a leg injury.  Unless, of course, Akemi is willing to piggyback me around Ginza and Akihabara.

I’m just going to consider that as a last resort.

In the meantime, I’ll try to make the best of things – and rely on my downstairs neighbor, Ivon, to help me out whenever I need to run errands…

I was assailed by another kind of pain this evening, that singular agony that comes from trying to crack a pesky fifth act scene.  Only six more pages and I’ll be free to catch a Halloween matinee.  So near and yet so far!

15 thoughts on “October 18, 2018: Aches, Pains and Fifth Act Frustrations!

  1. Definitely do what the doctors tell you to do or it’ll be with you for the rest of your life. Trust me on this one. I’m hoping/wishing/praying for you to have fast healing and good travels – and the best fifth act.

  2. It could be circulatory damage. A doctor visit is in order here. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Oh yeah, better heal that quick. I started my Tokyo trip within the third week of my twisted ankle recovery, although it was doable, it wasn’t super fun and convenient. Rest is the only way. It’s terribly annoying but rewarding in the end.

  4. Good luck at the Dr’s! If you have to rest it, the bright side is you can catch up on reading or watching those shows. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🖖🏻

  5. I feel your pain. Literally. 3 weeks ago I cleared some trees in my yard. I grabbed one smaller tree by the branch to pull it towards me, and slammed the base of the tree into my shin. After the stars cleared, and I thanked the gods I did not fall onto my chainsaw, I marveled at the new glorious semi-permanent indentation in my shin. I say “semi-permanent” because it’s still there, and I’m assuming some day that it won’t be. At least the pain is manageable.

  6. Be well, let us know how it goes at the doctors. I’ve got a doc visit today with a new PCP which is beyond annoying and stressful, I’m in no mood for prodding and poking but it gives me a $200 deduction insurance copays if I jump through that hoop. Looking forward to more Tokyo food pics!

  7. Stumbling in the darkness?
    What happened to the kitty kat night light lamp you ordered and went through the bother of having us pick a name for it??

    Well, hope the doctor is able to help and it heals in time for your holiday trip.
    Agree with Tam. Sounds like perfect opportunity to veg on the couch and check out all those tv shows and movies you’ve been meaning to.

  8. I’m sorry for the pain. Having chronic pain for most of my life, I know every issue and obstacle that comes with an entire day of pain. My wife is an extremely deep sleeper as well. Although, had I injured myself like that, I’m sure the burst of profanity would wake her in that situation.

    BTW I’m proud of my latest post in my corner of WordPress. It’s a work of love. Even after 17 years, losing a family member still triggers many emotions.

    Dream VII “Remembering Papa”

    Theater of Dreams Memorial Edition
    In Remembrance of my Grandfather


  9. Since you do have to get up frequently during the night, perhaps a little nightlight is what you need to keep you safe.

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