Two of my favorite things.

On Sunday, we hit the Toronto Garlic Festival, THE place to go if you’re looking to stock up on garlic – fresh, powdered, pickled, and in ice cream or popsicle form.

There were fewer vendors and food options this year, but we made the best of things, sampling some Syrian eats and Trinidanian doubles…

I’m as big a fan of spicy as Akemi is not, so I asked for a 50/50 split on the doubles – half with ghost chili pepper sauce, the other half mild.  Interestingly, Akemi found her mild side crazy spicy while I found the entire dish not all that spicy at all.  I wonder if my general insensitivity has extended to chili peppers now.

Garlic And Chocolate!

The haul: assorted garlic, black garlic, hot sauces, jellies, jams, and spreads.  Enough to tide us over to November!

Then, for dessert, we happened by a chocolate-themed pop-up by Cove Crafted, a collaboration between B.C.’s Cove Cannabis and Beta 5 Chocolates.  The chocolates on display were non-infused, no cannabis was on sale on-site, but there was plenty of chocolate to be had…

Garlic And Chocolate!

You have your choice of three blunts: 66% dark chocolate with cocoa beans, milk chocolate and lavender, and, surprisingly my favorite, white chocolate with matcha and green mango.

Garlic And Chocolate!

Adam Chandler, the chocolatier behind Vancouver’s award-winning Beta 5 Chocolates.  I miss this place.

Garlic And Chocolate!

A peek inside Akemi’s emergency chocolate drawer.

Alright.  Off to work on an outline.  But, before I do, some shout-outs to a few blog regulars.  Sending best wishes to MaggieMayDay, positive thoughts to Hilda for a speedy recovery, and Happy Birthday tidings to gforce!

14 thoughts on “Garlic and Chocolate!

  1. Looks like Akemi’s well stocked for emergencies!
    TBH I think the push for hotter and hotter chili spiced food dulls the tastebuds to the more subtle tastes and flavours of other spices as the chilli just overpowers them.
    Just me, I don’t mind chili if I can also taste the rest of the spices and more importantly the actual food!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Seeing that Beta5 stuff makes me desperately wish for a signature box. And a cream puff. And maybe one of their ice cream sandwiches.

    I really should have gone out to that GateCon this weekend.

  3. I’m going to “Ghost” Joe on the shout outs to gforce, PBMom, and maggiemayday by just saying… ditto.

  4. Very tasteful post! Everyone should have an emergency chocolate drawer. Also, glad you are into garlic. I’m one of the few vampires I know who loves garlic and spicy sauces. If you ever get a chance, since you like peppers, I recommend Jake & Amos Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish. $4 US a pint jar made the Amish way. It’s great on anything. Should be a required condiment someday. I’ll be glad to get this tumor removed tomorrow as every time I eat something spicy, it hurts like one of those thingies that burst out of John Hurt’s chest in that Ridley Scott epic. I could use one of those chocolate blunts right now..for medicinal purpose of course…ouch! Peace, brother.

  5. Mmmm, looks delicious. I’m not a fan of white chocolate, although it is possible I’ve not had a high quality product. The milk chocolate and lavender sounds lovely, I’ve had quite the taste for lavender milk tea lately so the chocolate appeals. My chocolate stash is currently half a dark chocolate orange left over from last Christmas, and a box of See’s because I found two old gift certificates which never expire. See’s is excellent, although I have been very naughty and had three pieces instead of just my daily allotment of two.

    Thank you for the well wishes. I’m in the terrible phase of following up on paperwork, more paperwork, hours on the phone, financial disappointments, and the devastating little time bombs inherent in living alone in a once shared home. This widowhood thing surely sucks. I’m the third widow in the family, and I now truly appreciate the depth of suck my sister-in-laws experienced.

  6. I received this in the mail today:

    Ruby chocolate has no added colours or flavours. It’s naturally pink and tastes fruity. One of the first shipments into Australia.

    I make an amazing white chocolate cheesecake that I think might be even better with this!

  7. Hang tight @Maggiemayday. Gift card hug to get rum and chocolate coming your way this week. xo
    Scheduled to arrive by Saturday. Can be used at any favorite store of your choosing.

  8. Good luck today Quantum Mechanic! You probably won’t see this because you’ll be recovering but still. I’m sending prayers and good vibes your way. I know this surgery will be a success!!!

    Maggiemayday: {{{hugs}}}

    Hilda, take care of yourself and I hope you got that X-box working/moved into your bedroom. I can’t imagine staying flat for 72 hours. I’d probably drive my hubby crazy. If you need Netflix/Amazon suggestions, just let me know. 😉

    I’m green with envy on Akemi’s chocolate hoard. I hope she enjoys every bite! We went to the candy store Sunday and I finished the last of my booty today: Chocolate Coconut clusters and salted dark chocolate caramels, very delicious! I inherited my dad’s sweet tooth.

  9. @ maggiemayday – Unfortunately I think it will be rough for you over the next year as annual events and occasions come up that you are use to having YourLarry with you. (speaking from experience) We are all here for you with friendly hugs and kind ears for listening. You are not alone.

  10. Mm, garlic! I like that emergency chocolate stash, my stash is running way low. I see you have some good hot pepper sauce in your haul, it’s all about that golden color. I’ve been craving super spicy foods as it’s gotten chilly, yesterday I got an amazing salsa criolla gravy going using the renderings from Sunday’s roast. It smelled amazing as did the rice with guandu.

  11. Hi great to know that a new sci-fi is coming with your always excellent work!

  12. I’m 75 and I’ve been a fan of spicy since,,,well, longer than I can remember…hottest thing I ever tasted was from my Dads Indian friend in Arabia. His wife created this and Dad gave me a tiny taste…at first it wasn’t all that hot but as it went down,,,HOLY crap…these days I eat raw jalapeños, even w/o food…

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