15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back on the home front…

  1. It’s just amazing how well she walks now compared to when she first arrived. She can’t get enough!

  2. Love it! Suji has such a busy schedule! Must be ruff.

    Is that background music a remix of One Summer’s Day from the Spirited Away soundtrack?

  3. Ah, I envy how much easier it is raising dogs than kids. You don’t have to help with homework and don’t have to worry about them going to the wrong parties and getting into drugs.
    Lucky guy !

  4. I’m jealous of the grass.

    I spent all weekend prepping my front yard. I dug up ~2 inches of dirt over the entire yard using a pick. Then, I spread grass seed, plant food, and “topper”. Raked everything nice and smooth and watered it.

    I. Am. Soooo. Sore.

    I know it’s rather late in the season to be planting grass, but my grandson will be here in 3 weeks…

  5. That is definitel NOT the same Suji you collected from the rescue center, surely?

  6. Now I need a nap! I love the bird chirping, Suji and I have a similar routing only mine involves dodging shambling drunks, speeding garbage trucks and dead squirrels. Last nights roasting pan adventure involved bone in drumsticks with pork cutlets; love my roasting pan.

    My new fave show is Forever on Amazon, I love Noah Robbins’ humor and he was amazing in it, he’s my fave Middle Man guest star.

  7. Suji shows what TLC will do for a senior. Her personality really shines now too. Honestly, I don’t think she’d be alive today if both of you hadn’t adopted her.

  8. This so reminds me of my sister Mary. In the mid-80’s Mary started to foster the medical needs babies that for one reason or another could not go home with their parents. Some of these babies had deformities or born to early. She would take care of these babies so they had a home atmosphere and felt loved. Away from the noise and sounds of the machines. Mary would crochet beads on socks while holding these babies, so her daughter’s, and the babies wore cute clothing she wanted to distract people from staring at the children’s deformities.
    My sister Mary adopted 2 of foster children. Trisha passed away in 1993, at the age of 10, Trisha started life born 4and a half months premature.
    Michael came to her home in 1994 he was adopted in 1997. Michael is a true human hero! Having CP, he has met some of big name people with his efforts to raising money for children’s wards at hospitals. He has received awards for his scholastic achievements. He graduated with honors from St Scholastica College, and won Google Awards. Sadly Michael is down to about 4feet of small intestines, he has had close to 100 surgeries.
    So I am trying to say, your little one is a real fighter and determined being! Her fight is so courageous! I hope that you continue sharing your pictures with your fur babies, and her will to fight on.
    Peace Beth

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