Presenting my favorite comic book covers of the week…

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Aphrodite IX: Ares (cover art by Sara Knaepen)

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Death of the Inhumans #3 (cover art by Kaare Kyle Andrews)

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Immortal Hulk #5 (cover art by Alex Ross)

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Silver Surfer Annual #1 (cover art by Philip Tan)

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Spawn #289 (cover art by Jason Shawn Alexander, Francesco Mattina)

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

The Dreaming #1 (cover art by June Chung, Jae Lee)

This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Weapon X #23 (cover art by Rahzzah)

So, which ones were your faves?

14 thoughts on “This Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

  1. I like the Silver Surfer. I my opinion, it has the look that I remember seeing on comic book covers when I was a kid.

  2. Two Equal favs this week.

    The Dreaming.
    Fun. Creative. Commanding.
    And offers my imagination more than a thousand words and interpretations.

    Aphrodite IX.
    Beautiful. Provocative.
    And bound to make more than a few men feel extremely uncomfortable. 😀

  3. Update on our Hilda @PBMom For those of you not on Twitter or FB:

    She was finally up to sharing our first PM gal chat yesterday.
    As you might imagine, she’s still in a bit of pain
    and uncomfortable since the surgery.
    She’s hanging in there, though. xo
    She will be transferred to a rehab hospital for a couple weeks or so
    after she is released from acute care ward.
    Albeit, I’m sure she will muster up enough energy
    to come say hi to all here on the blog before too long.

  4. I don’t want to jinx things but I got into the blog 2 days in a row. (fingers crossed).

    I vote for “The Dreaming”. A lot going in in that picture!

    Thanks for the update Drea! If you’re reading this PBmom, I hope you’re feeling better soon! I can’t imagine going through back surgery without steroids. Big {{{Hugs}}}

    Advice from the Apple OS crowd, please? Why do my playlists have U2 songs and how do I edit that out? This is just on my iPhone for music. For audio-books I’m using my son’s Zune (don’t laugh-it still works great!).

    1. To delete music on an iPhing, go into the music app, click to Albums view, go to the album in question, then hold down the album art icon (like you would if deleting an app from the home screen)
      The pop up should include “delete from library”
      Do that, and it should hopefully solve the issue.
      (But.. … Apple!! Not everything will always work right!)

    2. @Tam You’re welcome. Thanks for the FB updates, as well.
      Yep, I think the 403 problem is finally fixed.
      I had some of the coder volunteers from our education community
      help run a 403 diagnostic late Monday night,
      to track down the cause of the problem
      and sent it to Joe late Tuesday night, along with the fix.
      Albeit, I haven’t had a problem getting onto the blog
      in last couple days either
      so I think WP support may have already corrected the issue
      sparing Joe the need to intervene with the DIY fix from his end.

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