Well, it’s all systems go on this series I’ve been circling for a while.

I’ve been in discussion with the show’s creator for a couple of months now, brainstorming his vision and beating out a rough ten-episode first season narrative arc.  This Monday, the writers’ room convenes for a 4-5 story breaking session.  Would love to tell you more, but I’m going to defer to the decision makers and get clarity on their social media policy before revealing too much. What I CAN say is that it’s future Earth sci-fi… and, quite honestly, unlike anything I’ve ever worked on.

As far as those other projects go…

That Supernatural Small-town Mystery Series: Looks like it could be fading like a pier-side Carson Beckett at the end of that explosive tumor episode.  I’ve followed up twice now on the status of the project with no definite word.  I feel like I’m one more follow-up email away from them filing a restraining order and relocating.

The Untitled Awesome Project: Fear not!  This one is still in play.  It’ll take a while to close the deal, then some time to come up with a game plan on the creative, so this one is a way’s away.  Still, it’s going to be a blast.

The Comic Book Adaptation: Working off the breakdown written by the creator of the comic book, I have put together a 10-page series overview.  Tomorrow, we all get on the phone for one of those group conference calls where everyone talks over each other and at least one participant mysteriously drops out, never to be heard from again.  Next step would be to outline the pilot which, in my opinion, should more or less follow the first issue of the comic book.  That final twist is a doozy!

The Adaptation of that Horror Novel: To quote Cookie Monster, What De Fudgee-o???  This deal was supposed to be closed three months ago, only it turned out it was actually only almost closed.  Then the deal was all but closed last month but, since then, radio silence.  Hmmmm.

The Gothic Horror Project: Last I heard, a production company was going to option the pilot I co-wrote with my friend Tara with an eye to developing a bible.  The fact that this was several weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything since leads me to suspect this one has gone up in smoke as well.

The Procedural: Had a great sit-down with “the sock” and his partner to discuss how we’re going to pitch this one.  I review our strategic document tomorrow.

And that’s that.  It’s still feeling like the calm before the storm, but the winds are definitely picking up.

Today, I leave you with a behind the scenes pic from Dark Matter’s season 2 finale which finds Alex Mallari Jr. and Ellen Wong possibly discussing the sheer impossibility of eating a mango –

Headed To Series On Another Show…

My problem with mangoes

Finally, forgot to mention it, the voters have spoken.  I am an LSU Tigers fan this season!  Is it mere coincidence that they upset the Miami Hurricanes in their first game?  I think not!

Headed To Series On Another Show…


24 thoughts on “Headed to series on another show…

  1. This continues to sound exciting Joe! Many years ago in a past life at boarding school, because of the part of the world I’m from, some of the guys would get a box load each of mangoes (what we call the bullock hearts because of their size) at the start of the season. The end result: everything reeked of mangoes for weeks on end. I wished I liked them, but I don’t. So, it’s not my favourite fruit either…

  2. “Tomorrow, we all get on the phone for one of those group conference calls where everyone talks over each other and at least one participant mysteriously drops out, never to be heard from again.”


  3. Congrats, Joseph! Fellow Canadian followin’ your blog since the Stargate revival talks started. Because.. ya know.. Stargate. (And Dark Matter!) Anyhoo.. good stuff! Best of luck in all the things!

  4. Thanks for the update. We know that wherever yoy work they will be blessed with your talent just like we were blessed wirh Dark Matter. Joe, how about creating a new sci fi series on the USA Space Force. I think this might right up your alley. I even have a name for “Space Force Academy”

  5. Excited to hear the good news!! Yeah! 😀

    (I’m also writing a reply to your post from a few days ago!)

  6. hi joe, did you mention something in a post earlier this year about a project for dark matter continuing in comic format? (i can’t find it now so might have imagined it!)

  7. Good news about another Sci Fi series possibly on the way from you Joe. I’m not really bothered about the horror ones.

    As regards The Untitled Awesome Project: Fear not! This one is still in play. This is still the one I’m looking forward to becoming an eventuality.

  8. The blog looks nice and I had no problems opening the page. (fingers crossed)

    Good news on the job front! Congrats!! What’s your system for keeping on top of all these projects?

  9. My brain got a little sprain trying to figure out what the show with the “Go” is…argh! Future Earth could be sooo many things, clever raptor. Is it the oh so anticipated Trek Academy with Sir Patrick? Or something mysterious and cool like Dark Matter? Hm. Nope, no idea. I’m not gonna guess on the second show because I know what I hope it will be, fingers crossed. Keyword: capes.

  10. You’re always happiest when you are busy, it reflects in the blog. Whoot!

    I love mango flavored foods and drinks. MyLarry used coffee and mado powder in his dry rubs for ribs. However, eating a real live mango? Yuck, slimy. No thanks, I like my mango once removed.

  11. I’ve never much cared for mango, or kiwi, for that matter.
    They just dont jive with my taste buds.

    Albeit, am fortunate to be enjoying an extremely delicious lunch today,
    courtesy of an immensely talented local friend.
    Homemade Beef Chawarma. Baba Ganoush. Stuffed Grape Leaves like none
    you’ve ever had any restaurant!
    Kefalotiri slices. and
    Marinated Mozzarella Salad Balls
    stuffed with minced onion, tomato
    and Kalamata olives.

    mmmmmmmm. xo

  12. Very happy for you Joe. Maggiemayday is right, you sound happiest when involved in a creative build for a new show. Is this the project you will also be show running? I hope you can get allowances from TPTB to tell us more. Future-set scifi has my interest already ad the fact that the premise is something new to you, well, that’s just fabulous!
    So, if the writer’s room is convening on next Monday… that means the writers are hired. Were you part of the hiring process of said writers? Anyone we may be familiar with from, oh say, Stargate or Dark Matter perhaps? Dare I ask, Mr. Binder? Mr. Mullie?

    Wishing you much success and waiting to know more details!

  13. Excited to see that all that hard work is not for naught. Several marbles still in play. Congrats on becoming an LSU fan! Rule of thumb in the SEC…if a SEC team is playing a non-conference team, always go SEC!

  14. Best of luck with the new series! I love the concept of future Earth sci-fi (although I’m over YA dystopias, lol).

  15. I still want more Dark Matter. Why did The Expanse, Lucifer and now Designated Survivor get picked up by streaming services, but not Dark Matter (and now Colony, for that matter)? Sorry, I know I should move on, as you have, but I have not. I also know that every deal comes down to the details. Still, tomorrow Netflix will be premiering Next Gen, an animated feature film for which they spent $30 million, which would have paid for an entire 10-episode season 4 of Dark Matter.

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